From the Head of Year 8 – What Makes Me Happy

We were all very shocked and uncertain when we left School on the afternoon of Thursday 5 August, not knowing whether or not we would return on Friday or working at home online. The students prepared themselves for the announcement and once made, they were organised and started remote learning – again!

Online learning in 2021 is very different to the experiences of 2020. Last year we knew how long we would be learning from home and we had an end point to look forward to for the return to School.

This year, the changes to learning have been short and sharp and unsettling, as often we have not had a definitive return to School date. Suffice to say, there have been some difficulties, however, the manner in which the students have adapted and adjusted has been incredible. The level of kindness and positivity amongst the Year level is remarkable.

As a Year level, we have been focusing on maintaining positive wellbeing. This includes the importance of making time to catch up with friends after school and over the weekends. To spend time exercising, walking, riding, dog walking, kicking the footy or soccer ball, shooting baskets and enjoying the evolution of the garden as it springs into life after winter. As well as these suggestions we have encouraged less time on screens and more time face-to-face with family and friends within the 5km zone.

As a Year level, we are creating a Year 8 lockdown cook book – containing a range of healthy snacks. We look forward to finalising this before the end of Term 3. In addition to the cook book, we asked the students to send through some photographs of ‘what makes them feel happy and brings them joy during lockdown’ and to explain why. We received many beautiful photographs across a wide range of areas, however, the overwhelmingly most popular photograph was of the pet dog!

Please enjoy our students’ ‘happy snaps’ in the video below.


We have compiled a ‘wellbeing care pack’ for each student in Year 8, consisting of some fun activities to undertake; including origami tasks, journal entries, Science practical activities, letter writing, recipes and the completion of a time capsule. We hope the students enjoy these activities!

As a Year level we are all doing our very best during lockdown. We congratulate all students on their level of commitment to their studies and the Co-curricular activities they continue to be involved with, whilst online. The students should also be commended for the level of support and care they are showing towards each other.

We all very much look forward to the return to face-to-face teaching as soon as possible.

Miss Jenny Molloy, Head of Year 8