From the Head of Year 10

The theme our Year 10 students regularly discussed over the past week was to, “enjoy the moment.”

During Lockdown, we spoke online about occurrences in our daily lives where we had reason to smile or, moments and experiences to enjoy. For some it was baking and for many, it was watching an Australian athlete triumph at the Tokyo Olympics.

Many of the Year 10 girls recognised the perseverance of the Olympic athletes to extend their training regime to peak at the 2020 Olympics, in 2021. These athletes are wonderful role models for young people as they demonstrate persistence, adaptability and a passion to follow their dreams.

During Week 3 we also received the wonderful news regarding the return to campus, again requiring us to be adaptable and embrace another change. The opportunity to be face-to-face again with other students and indeed, the entire School community was wonderful. It was lovely to see students walk through the Heyington Gates, and enter the Year 10 locker area – the joy and excitement were obvious for all to see!

This past week there have been many conversations between students and staff regarding VCE subject selections. The Careers Department have steered students towards a number of tools available to assist in making choices that best suit their interests.

Staff often talk to students about selecting subjects they will enjoy and excel at, whilst also considering any prerequisites required for possible career pathways. This process and the decisions that need to be made in Term 3 have provided the Year 10 students a glimpse into their futures.

Subject selection has provided an opportunity to feel excited about pursing six subjects next year that they truly enjoy. This has also allowed them to envision a life post St Catherine’s and following their dreams, just as the Australian athletes are at the 2020-2021 Olympics in Tokyo.

Mrs Linda Morgan, Head of Year 10