Year 12 Update – The much anticipated Year 12 Formal

The long awaited and much anticipated Year 12 Formal was held at The Glasshouse on the final day of Term 1. It was a truly beautiful setting for the girls and their parents to come together and celebrate. This special occasion will hopefully be one that the Year 12 students will remember with great deal fondness for many years to come.

The Year 12 girls have commenced Term 2 with a renewed enthusiasm and energy after the break. While the students are striving to always do their best, I have reminded them of the importance of planning, communication and feedback. By encouraging the girls to avoid just focussing on the next week and the next SAC, and rather look at their entire School schedule to factor in what to study and when, it provides the opportunity to emphasise the value of consistent consolidation.

For the students to gain the most out of their learning, I highlighted that communication with their teachers during and outside of class is imperative. Their Year 12 teachers are invested in ensuring that each and every one of them has the opportunity to reach their full potential and it was important to reinforce this to the girls. I also encouraged the girls to seek regular feedback from their teachers, so they can identify how they are progressing and what they need to do to develop well before they complete their next SAC.

At a recent Year level session, the girls attended a presentation by Mr Brad Felstead titled ‘Study Calm’. The presentation focussed on developing effective study habits, while exploring strategies to manage stress and unhelpful distractions. During the session the students had the opportunity to participate in some memory-based challenges as well as mindfulness and relaxation exercises.

The Year 12 students continue to amaze me with their participation in so many sporting activities and their enthusiasm to be involved in opportunities outside of the classroom which foster their learning and growth. Debating, instrumental lessons, running Senior School assemblies and coordinating lunchtime clubs come to mind as activities that our Year 12 students engage in. Many Year 12 students are involved in the Senior School Play, Letters to Lindy, both on stage and behind the scenes. The opening night performance was outstanding and the enthusiasm and dedication the girls showed in their roles was nothing short of sensational. It was very clear on their faces that all students thoroughly enjoyed performing to a captivated audience.

Mrs Tracey McCallum, Head of Year 12