Complimentary Term 2 Barbreck Dance

We are excited to announce the return of the Co-curricular Barbreck Dance Program at St Catherine’s School this term. The Dance program introduces children to the creative world of dance, fostering kinaesthetic learning where students develop style specific skills and technique, flexibility, strength and conditioning. Dance supports our students to be creative risk takers who feel motivated and inspired in a supportive environment. Our Dance program is designed to deliver a platform for social and emotional growth as we aim for students to develop self-expression, confidence and a sense of belonging.

Commencing Monday 17 May (Week 5), we will offer a five-week free trial program for the remainder of Term 2. We welcome you to come and try one of the various Dance Programs on offer.

Class sizes are capped at 14 students so that we can provide an optimal dance experience for all.

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