Year 8 Update – finding small ways to stay connected

According to a study by Bond et al. (2007), “Having both good school and social connectedness in Year 8 was associated with the best outcomes in later years.”

The question this term has been, how do we remain connected to people when we are isolated? What we have chosen to do in Year 8 is find small ways to be with others. These have included:

Walk with a Mate – we used some of our Wellbeing sessions on a Wednesday to identify someone in the year level to go for a (socially distanced) walk with, or talk to while walking for those further away.

Funtastic Friday – a fun afternoon choosing team theme songs, guessing emoji sayings, tricky trivia and a treasure hunt. It was great to see students work together in online groups with new people to get things done.

Virtual Senior Recital – this gave students an opportunity to watch some of our fabulous Year 8 performers and appreciate their talent, which they may not have otherwise had the chance to do. 

Creating Positive Affirmation Posters – we recently connected with other home groups online to form teams and make posters to place around the school containing positive affirmations to carry us through to the end of the year.

Regular Check-Ins – all students are involved in regular check-ins with their mentors every week in order to discuss and achievements, or struggles, as they move through isolation. Building relationships with staff as well as peers, is of course seen as an important part of feeling connected to the School community.


It is hoped that with a return to school in sight, students can soon return to strengthening their connectedness with their School, their friends and their learning together.

Mrs Kelly Brady, Head of Year 8