Year 5 Students’ Account of the Science Talent Search Competition

The Science Talent Search is a annual event that provides students across Victoria with an opportunity to engage in an independent and self-motivated science project. While the overall theme was Destination Moon, possibilities for student entries were endless. This year’s 68th Science Talent Search saw fourteen Barbreck students enter their projects from board games, wall charts to working models into the competition. Students are required to present these at a judging day and then prizes awarded. Students from Years 4 to 6 worked tirelessly on their entries and in the process learnt a lot about the finer details of the scientific process. The following students from Years 4 to 6 are commended for their efforts.

Year 4
Chloe Nash and Mietta Barrington – Wallchart
Kerry Ren and Claudia Driver – Board Game
Hazel Wilson and Anna Shears – Creative Writing

Year 5
Anqi Cai – Board Game
Kaia Belan – Invention
Kaixuan (Isabelle) Cao and Mia Upton – Working Model
Giselle Upton and Emma Peele – Board Game

Year 6
Elisa Wang and Chloe Barber – Wallchart

Our bursary winners reflect on their experiences below.

The Science Talent Search was an amazing experience for us to work together as a group to make something spectacular. As a group we faced big and small problems, realised our mistakes and solved them to make our final product.

We all enjoyed participating and learning about our Science topics and working together with our partners. It was a challenge for all of us to find times to get together to work on our projects.

Giselle Upton and Emma Peele sharing their winning game at the Science Talent Search exhibition day.

We learnt how to create a solar powered helicopter and an environmentally friendly game about Australian animals.

Although it was a huge challenge for us, every minute of it was worth it.

“I loved this experience because now I am much more aware of what is happening to the environment.” Emma Peele.

“I think we all learnt so much during our experiences but what I learnt during the experience was how to realise our mistakes as a partner and solve them.”Giselle Upton.

“I learnt a lot about the environment and how important it is to save it.” – Kaixuan (Isabelle) Cao.

“I enjoyed creating something new and I have learnt how to stop Green House from killing the earth.” – Mia Upton.

We cannot wait for next year’s Science Talent Search!