Podcast: Reflections From Our Year 12 Students

Over these past few weeks, I have enjoyed talking with our Year 12 girls about their journey at St Catherine’s School. During these discussions, I have been impressed by the maturity, learning and preparedness for their life after school. This week, Harriette Dryden and Clementine Aston share their reflections of their time at St Catherine’s and, in particular, their co-curricular journey. Please click on the link provided to listen to the full interview.

Harriette Dryden is the House Captain of Holmes Kilbride while Clementine Aston is the House Captain of Beaulieu Blair. Harriette believes that the emphasis of loyalty and connectivity to your House is a significant part of being a St Catherine’s girl. The bonds formed with girls from other year levels has assisted in the shared journey with the girls in Holmes Kilbride. Clementine believes that her time at St Catherine’s School has provided the Year 12 cohort with the opportunity to assume leadership and take on responsibility. Clementine and Harriette feel that each House has its own personality, like with Harry Potter’s Sorting Hats. The interconnectedness with the girls in each House is a special feature of being a part of St Catherine’s School. The House Arts is a significant part of the School’s House program which provides the House Captains with the opportunity to lead this activity and develop and grow the whole process, from the prompt and story, to the final product. The girls often find their passion and ability to shine in the House Arts program, often where skills are acknowledged that do not have an opportunity to be highlighted in other areas. Clementine believes that St Catherine’s School has shaped her in a variety of ways – she has learned to work with others and triage needs. Harriette has lived and breathed House spirit and she says it felt right to be driven to work with and motivate other girls in Holmes Kilbride in achieving their best. Click below to listen to the full podcast with Clementine and Harriette.


Harriette Dryden.

Clementine Aston.

Mrs Gina Peele, Director of Student Programs