Bell Time Changes, Outstanding ICAS Results and Bike Education

2020 Bell Time Changes to Enhance Lesson Development

Next year, we will be moving to an eight lesson day, with each lesson being 40 minutes in length. Currently, the timetable has lessons of varying lengths. The new 40 minute lesson will:

  • Provide more uniformity in lesson length.
  • Allow for teachers to implement best practice in lesson design.
  • Provide more time for students to develop a greater depth of understanding of the knowledge or skill being taught.

Whilst there will be a slight increase in the time devoted to both English and Mathematics, it is the repackaging of current shorter times to 40 minute lessons that will enable best practice. To accommodate the lessons, there will be a slight change to bell times, as outlined in the table below:

8.30-8.40 Roll Call 10 minutes
8.40-9.20 Lesson 1 40 minutes
9.20-10.00 Lesson 2 40 minutes
10.00-10.40 Lesson 3 40 minutes
10.40-11.00 Morning Tea 20 minutes
11.00-11.40 Lesson 4 40 minutes
11.40-12.20 Lesson 5 40 minutes
12.20-1.00 Lesson 6 40 minutes
1.00-2.00 Lunch 60 minutes
2.00-2.40 Lesson 7 40 minutes
2.40-3.20 Lesson 8 40 minutes
3.20-3.30 Form 10 minutes


In the 2020 Record Book, the last few pages will be blank timetables for students to note when they have lessons. A loose leaf blank timetable will be sent home in the first few days of the 2020 school year for parents to copy their daughter’s timetable and display it in a prominent position for easy referral. A blank packing list form will also be sent home so parents can work with their daughters to complete to assist with better organisation.

Booklists For 2020

Campion have now published the Junior School 2020 booklists online so parents can begin placing orders when ready. You can access the booklists by logging into the link below:

The parent code needed to access the online lists is: 2DSS.
Parents need to place their orders by close of business Friday 6 December 2019.
Orders will be delivered to parents’ nominated address between 8 January to 23 January 2020.

Labels – A Little Reminder!

Christmas and the new year is such a busy time for us all and we can get to the start of the new school year and realise that labels have not been ordered. There are many companies around that make labels to order. So, get in early and be organised for 2020!

Ms Karen McArdle, Head of Junior School
Barbreck Students Achieve Outstanding Results in World-Renowned ICAS Assessment

Students from St Catherine’s School have achieved outstanding results in this year’s ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) Assessments. Developed for students in primary and secondary school years, ICAS assesses higher order thinking and problem-solving skills. Every year, thousands of schools participate in ICAS in over 20 countries, providing participating schools with a robust international benchmark of student achievement. ICAS is developed by UNSW Global Pty Ltd and has had more than nine million students participate since 2002.

This year, we opened the competition to students in the Extension and Enrichment classes with a view to extending the offer to students in Years 3 to 6 in 2020.

Congratulations to all 42 Barbreck students who participated.

Mathematics English

High Distinction:

In the top 1 per cent of ICAS participants

  • Kaixuan (Isabelle) Cao (Year 5)
  • Minnie Chen (Year 5)
  • Xiuqi (Anna) Wang (Year 6)
  • Kaixuan (Isabelle) Cao(Year 5)
  • Chloé Favaloro (Year 6)


In the next 10 per cent of ICAS participants

  • Clara Barry (Year 3)
  • Amity Morris (Year 5)
  • Audrey Doan (Year 6)
  • Yau Yin (Nicola) Liu (Year 6)
  • Natalie Wang (Year 6)
  • Joy Lovegrove (Year 2)
  • Clara Barry (Year 3)
  • Arabella Foote (Year 3)
  • Amelie Favaloro (Year 3)
  • Annika Gill (Year 3)
  • Clara Calvert (Year 4)
  • Mirabelle Thomson (Year 4)
  • Diya Asthana (Year 5)
  • Mila Heng (Year 5)
  • Alexandra Mirabella (Year 5)
  • Audrey Doan (Year 6)
  • Xiuqi (Anna) Wang (Year 6)


In the next 25 per cent of ICAS participants

  • Jin Xuan (Celia) Chu (Year 2)
  • Teegan Gobel (Year 2)
  • Serena Ma (Year 2)
  • Margaret Shao (Year 2)
  • Xin Yan (Vita) Wei (Year 2)
  • Holly Farrer (Year 3)
  • Annika Gill (Year 3)
  • Jiajun (Jessica) Huang (Year 3)
  • Tara Pattison (Year 3)
  • Isla Morris (Year 4)
  • Mirabelle Thomson (Year 4)
  • Yuetong (Elsa) Wang (Year 4)
  • Yueyi (Selina) Wang (Year 4)
  • Mila Heng (Year 5)
  • Emma Peele (Year 5)
  • Isabelle Peter (Year 5)
  • Chloé Favaloro (Year 6)
  • Teegan Gobel (Year 2)
  • Margaret Shao (Year 2)
  • Jiajun (Jessica) Huang (Year 3)
  • Fleur Angenent (Year 4)
  • Adelaide Lempriere (Year 4)
  • Minnie Chen (Year 5)
  • Scarlett Evans (Year 5)
  • Isabelle Peter (Year 5)
  • Harper Roberts (Year 5)
  • Annabel Calvert (Year 6)
  • Yau Yin (Nicola) Liu (Year 6)
  • Annabel Taylor (Year 6)
Mrs Chris Hogan, Barbreck Head of Learning Plus
Barbreck Bike Program

The Year 6 Students have commenced the Barbreck Bike Program for 2019.

The program aims to:

  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of the road traffic environment and the law.
  • Assist the development of skills to manage the road traffic environment and bike path skills as a cyclist.
  • Assist the development of responsible behaviour, attitudes and decision-making skills for the safe use of bicycles on bike paths and roads.

The girls have completed the first of three sessions – a great time was had by all!

Chloé Favaloro, Xiaoai (Monica) Chen and Chamonix Stafford.

“I really enjoyed the first Bike Education session. I liked learning about the different strategies to stay in control of my bike.” – Helena Karas.

“I very much enjoyed the first Bike Education lesson. I am not a great rider and was a little nervous at the beginning. I was glad I did not do anything silly, like fall to the ground or crash into another rider.” – Sichen (Selina) Li.

“I found Bike Education really fun. I enjoyed riding my bike with my friends and encouraging those who were struggling. I learnt how the brakes work and played some fun games, which I found challenging.” – Portia Gowrie.

Kenzie Forsyth and Helena Karas.

Mr Luke Russell, Year 6 Teacher