Student Reflection: Medieval Day 2019

Medieval Day 2019 was a great opportunity for the Year 8 girls to dress up and experience the way medieval people lived during the time.

Medieval Day 2019 was an opportunity for the Year 8 girls to experience the way medieval people lived.

Throughout the day, everyone participated in the activities which included learning about the clothes and social hierarchy (of which they were called Kings, Karls, Jarls and Thralls). We also learnt about the games that vikings would play, most commonly against their neighbouring village. It was very exciting to be able to play the games and immerse ourselves in the traditional games from the medieval culture. My favourite activity involved learning about viking armour and the way they fought. It was also a lot of fun to sword fight against our friends (do not worry – we wore fencing helmets and used blunt foam swords).

Medieval Day was overall an amazing experience and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Caitlin Wang, Year 8 Student