At the start of the term, VCE Business Management students learned about Marketing as part of their subject requirements with the opportunity to implement their learned knowledge and skills at ‘Market Stall Day’, which has become a much anticipated day for all St Catherine’s students.

The students learned how to conduct market research investigations to find out about the needs of their target market (Senior School students) which helped the students understand what their target market would and would not like and how to best to promote their stalls. Students created memorable and appealing brands for their stalls that were reinforced through promotion material which appeared around the School for several weeks. Students developed policies around occupational health and safety to ensure every stall provided a safe environment for their customers and team members. Students evaluated their resource options as each market stall group had a very limited budget. Students also developed customer service policies and procedures so that all of their customers’ experiences on Market Stall Day were exceptional.

This year, the Business Management students provided their peers with the experience of dart throwing, bowling, football handballing, and ping-pong throwing.

The Business Management Students were able to implement their knowledge and skills at ‘Market Stall Day’.

Implementing their service was a challenge to some students who either ran out of prizes or were not quite prepared at the start, but overall students felt like it was a good experience and worth the challenge. In the end, close to 290 students participated and voted for the best stall.

The Business Management students provided their peers with a range of experiences at Market Stall Day.

This year’s winner is ‘Lolly Pong’ whose game was to throw the ping-pong in a cup. Lolly Pong had some unique marketing strategies that encouraged some of the younger students to attend their stall and enabled the group to earn 31 per cent of the market share on that day. This was 12 per cent higher than the 2nd place group.

The winner of Market Stall Day 2019 was ‘Lolly Pong’.

Congratulations to the Lolly Pong group members: Penelope Drummond (Year 11), Alice McCleery (Year 11), Zoë Meggitt (Year 11) and Ella Stefanis (Year 11) on a successfully run stall! These students won the reward of a pizza lunch provided by the School.

Ms Elaina Cortez, VCE Commerce Teacher and Ms Kate Fitzgerald, Head of Year 9