Family Holidays: Stars and Tents

The Waratah Room children have recently been observed role-playing, as a family, toasting marshmallows by a camp fire, which has inspired a new ‘Dramatic Play’ area in the form of a tent.

A tent has been set up in the Dramatic Play area of the Waratah Room.

Australian animals and a barbecue have been used to complement the scene. The children are consistently adding their own ideas to enhance the space. For example, it was suggested that those who do not fit inside the tent due to space restrictions, can “sleep beneath the stars”.

The children have been working together to create stars.

The children have worked collaboratively to create the stars in order for this creative and positive team problem solving strategy to be implemented within the context of their play. In this way, the children are resourcing their own learning through meaningful connections with each other.

As we embark upon Term 3 together, the children continue to share experiences with one another regarding holiday moments experienced with their families.

Miss Kristina Schrader, Early Learning Teacher