Senior School Chess Club

The St Catherine’s Senior School Chess Club meets every Friday at lunchtime in Room C3.

Chess is a mentally stimulating game which aids in the development of both memory and analytical skills. It is a game full of infinite possibilities which requires mental discipline because it tests the ability of players to be able to concentrate and solve complex problems.

During Chess Club meetings, Chess coaching is provided for players of all levels. Students who are beginner players will have the opportunity to learn about the basics of Chess, which will enable them to comfortably play a game of Chess without assistance. Students who are already experienced Chess players will be provided coaching which focuses on the finer points of Chess such as opening systems, middle game tactics and endgame strategies.

St Catherine’s School is very fortunate to have two students who are experienced Chess players at tournament level. Lillian Lu (Year 9) and Paula Chen (Year 8) have both participated with success in internationally rated Chess tournaments and they both have a FIDE Chess rating (FIDE is the International Chess Federation). Both Lillian and Paula have kindly offered their time to assist with Chess coaching on Fridays at lunchtime.

All students who regularly attend coaching sessions at the Senior School Chess Club will be eligible to represent St Catherine’s in interschool Chess competitions later this year. Students who do not wish to participate in Chess coaching sessions, but who would instead prefer to play a social game of Chess are also very welcome to attend Chess Club.

Mr Christopher Zuccala, Chess Club Coordinator