Concerto Concert

This concert features some of our most accomplished instrumental performers playing highly recognised and well-loved works.

Rui Shu (Maria) Wu (Instrumental Music Captain), Jariyan Patel, Isabelle Binsted (Leader of Jorgensen Orchestra), Sophie Hogan (Collin-Mezin Scholarship), Rachel Davidson and Olivia Bogdan will present a substantial work each, accompanied by our own Jorgensen Orchestra (Directed by Mrs Lisa Cook) or the Staff Quartet (Miss Hannah Church, Mrs Lisa Cook, Ms Holly Shoar and Mr Michael Dahlenburg). As recipient of the Hayward Violin Scholarship, Isabelle Binsted, will play the Postiglione Violin. The Senior Concert Band (dir. Mr Leigh Olsson) will also perform.

Dorothy Pizzey Centre
Thursday 22 March 2018

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