From the Head of Year 12

The Year 12 students have launched into 2018 with enthusiasm, excitement and action. The Year 12 cohort began the year by taking part in the two day St Catherine’s School Leadership Conference at Ormond College at The University of Melbourne. The girls immersed themselves in activities and workshops, as well as receiving inspiration and advice from excellent motivational speakers.

Belinda Hawkins with Samara Gill, Pia Graham and Isabelle Binsted at Ormond College

Year 12 staff and students listened to ABC journalist, Belinda Hawkins share her life journey, her motivation and her captivating stories. Belinda urged the girls to follow their passion and to see failure as part of their journey. The following day the girls and their invited guests enjoyed a breakfast together and the opportunity to hear from Engineer and St Catherine’s Old Girl, Georgina Mahony (Brain ’92) share her career journey in a male dominated workplace. Georgina is currently the Aurecon Project Manager and Design Director of major infrastructure projects including rail, roads, tunnels and airports. Her message to the girls throughout was not to hesitate in ‘throwing their hat into the ring’ as often as necessary.

The overnight stay at a university residence provided the girls a chance to experience what might be in store for them in twelve months’ time. During the Conference the girls participated in workshops on leadership, conducted by Darren Pereira, Owner and Founder of Success Integrated and Glen Gerreyn, Founder and CEO of the Hopefull Institute. Our School Captains, Stephanie and Annabelle held meetings with the student group in which they set the goals for the year. Together, the Cohort set the theme of FEARLESS for 2018 and we look forward to seeing how this word is used to inspire them throughout the year.

Mrs Carroll taking a session on Leadership Styles at Ormond-College

Much excitement was apparent at the start of the Conference when Mrs Carroll presented each Year 12 student with their blue jumper. Whether a student enrolled at St Catherine’s School thirteen years ago, or more recently, receiving the ‘blue jumper’ is much longed for. It signifies a student is in Year 12, but more importantly, that they are a student leader.

The Year 12s commenced the first day of School eagerly greeting the Year 7 girls at the Heyington Gates, welcoming them into the Senior School and assisting them to carry their bags to their lockers. Since the first day, Year 12 girls are present at the Gates, both before and after School.

During one of their Wednesday afternoon Year level sessions the girls attended a presentation by Mr Brad Felstead discussing the power of sleep. A lack of sleep is one of the most serious physical and mental health issues facing Senior students. This presentation was aimed at helping students better understand the importance of sleep, the causes of sleep deprivation, including the impact of technology and empower them with strategies to help them achieve a good night’s sleep.

By now, most students will have sat their first SAC. My observations are that the Year group has a focused approach to their studies. During spare periods, as well as at the end of the School day, the girls seem to be working productively in the Common Room as well as in other areas reserved specifically for their use.

The Class of 2018 have commenced the year with great enthusiasm for ‘all things School’, whether it be their studies, Sport, Music, Drama, Art, Debating, Community Service, Astronomy Club or their Common Room. They have bonded as a group and are supportive of each other. We look forward to the rest of the year and trust we can farewell each of the Class of 2018, knowing they have enjoyed their last year of School and have done their best.

Miss Jeanette Gun, Head of Year 12