Junior School Snowsports Blitz at Victorian Interschools

Congratulations to all Barbreck students who combined to win the Junior Female Overall trophy at the Victorian Interschools. There were many outstanding team performances particularly in Division 4. In the Skier X St Catherines were dominant and occupied all three podium places for that event.

The depth of Division 4 was evident across all disciplines with wins in the prestigious Alpine event featuring Zara Cooper (Year 6), Eloise Burdett (Year 6), Sienna Opray (Year 6) and Lily Maisano (Year 6). In Skier X we were just as impressive with many students qualifying for Nationals.

Our Division 5 Skiers were equally impressive with Bella Burdett (Year 4), Lucy McAllister (Year 4), Millicent Mailer (Year 4) and Isabella Soutter (Year 3) combining for a 2nd place in the Alpine event. Lucy McAllister and Bella Burdett were courageous in both snowboard events to ensure St Catherine’s were represented on the podium.

Our youngest Skiers (Division 6) showed that the future looks good, recording podium places in Alpine – 2nd and Skier X – 3rd. Congratulations to Piper-Lynn Pascoe (Year 2), Scarlett Bertalli (Prep), Camilla Aberdeen (Year 1) and Amelie Favaloro (Year 1). Piper-Lynn Pascoe was also rewarded with individual podium places in both events.

On an individual level, Matisse Stafford (Year 6) was our best-performed student at the Victorian Interschools winning both the Alpine and Skier X events. Matisse has displayed great courage by recovering from a serious knee injury this year to establish herself as one of the best skiers in her age group in Australia.

2017 is the fourth consecutive year that St Catherine’s has taken out the Junior Female Overall trophy and students and parents are to congratulated on their commitment to the Snowsports program.

The top three position schools are as follows:

  • St Catherine’s  School 155
  • Melbourne Girls’ Grammar School 82
  • Lauriston Girls’ School 76

Division 4 Skier X

  • A Team 1st Matisse Stafford 1st Individual, Sienna Opray 3rd
  • C Team 2nd
  • D Team 3rd
  • B Team 6th

Division 5 Skier X

  • A Team 2nd Bella Burdett 2nd Individual

Division 6 Skier X

  • A Team 3rd Piper Pascoe 2nd Individual

Division 4 Alpine GS

  • A Team 1st Matisse Stafford 1st Individual, Sienna Opray 2nd Individual
  • B Team 2nd
  • C Team 4th

Division 5 Alpine GS

  • A Team 2nd Bella Burdett 2nd Individual

Division 6 Alpine GS

  • A Team 2nd Piper Pascoe 3rd  Individual

Division 4 Moguls

  • A Team 3rd

Division 5 Moguls

  • A Team 4th

Division 4 Snowboard GS

  • A Team 2nd
  • B Team 4th
  • C Team 6th

Division 5 Snowboard GS

  • A Team 2nd

Division 4 Boarder X

  • A Team 3rd
  • B Team 5th
  • D Team 6th

Division 5 Boarder X

  • A Team 3rd
Primary Inter Schools Gymnastics

The Primary Inter Schools Gymnastics (PISG) Competition is being held over three days from Monday 4 to Wednesday 6 September. We have nine teams of students entered this year from Years 2 through to Years 6.

This year the venue has changed to CHELTENHAM YOUTH CLUB GYMNASTICS, 126 WOODLANDS DRIVE, BRAESIDE. This is the first time the venue has hosted the competition.

We wish all our students the best of luck next week.

Mrs Jenny De Nardis