During Term 4, there will be six Humanities VCE Units 3 & 4 subjects preparing for examinations. Furthermore, for three of these subjects – Geography, Economics and Business Management, our teachers have had new study designs to contend with, which usually means a re-structure to the examination layout. As such, trial examinations are a vital ingredient to ensuring students receive copious practice in answering a variety of questions. During the next month, most Humanities subjects also have revision lectures being offered by external organisations of which all VCE students have received information regarding those lectures which may be most beneficial to their study.

While VCE examinations may often seem all consuming in Term 4, the other year levels in Humanities are continuing their usual academic program.

In Year 7, students are studying ‘Water in the World’ and will be participating in a fieldwork study of the Yarra River over the next few weeks. Year 8 students are currently examining Medieval Japan in preparation for writing an essay about the Shogunate era. Year 9 students are learning about World War One with all classes travelling to the Shrine of Remembrance for a tour called the ‘Spirit of ANZAC’ and Year 10 students are studying Indigenous Rights and Freedoms during the 20th Century.

In the elective program Years 9/10 Global Justice, students will visit the Old Melbourne Gaol and Parliament House next week, while Enterprise and Entrepreneurship are working collaboratively to establish their businesses’ products for launch week and Dollars and Sense students are researching Australia’s trade patterns as part of their Economics unit.

Finally, in VCE Units 1 & 2 subjects, teachers are working through the final Area of study of the curriculum. In Twentieth Century History, students are examining the push for change with regards to the US Civil Rights movement and Apartheid in South Africa.In Geography, students are exploring the global and local trends in tourism, having completed an overnight fieldwork study to the Great Ocean Road at the end of Term 3. Business Management students will grasp the issues of staffing and recruitment while Economics students will explore macro-economics. All this content will be covered over the next five weeks in time for the Years 9 to 11 internal examinations later this term.

As you can see, it certainly is a busy term!

Mrs Katrina Davey, Head of Humanities