This term, Anzac Day was commemorated with a poignant service where guest speaker, Flight Lieutenant Blake Crothers kindly shared his experiences from the Australian Defence Force. Flynn O’Brien (Year 10) recited her touching poem, which won the 2016 Higgins ANZAC School Poetry competition and Viva Voce and Cantanti Belli performed for the school. Many thanks must go to the School Captains, Mackenzie Leyden (Year 12) and Georgie Sitch (Year 12) as well as Samara Gill (Year 11) and Allyson Alblas (Year 11) for their commitment to preparing the service.

On Wednesday 22 March, students studying the new Years 9/10 elective Global Justice visited the Melbourne Magistrates court and the Victorian Parliament. At the Magistrates Court students were fortunate to meet a St Catherine’s Old Girl, Her Honour Judge Wendy Wilmoth (’67), who willingly shared her legal experience with the class. Whilst the students watched many trials, gaining an understanding of the courtroom process. At Parliament House, students viewed a parliamentary debate live in action and met the elected Liberal member for Burwood, Graham Watt, who explained the role of the State Government. Annabel Whiter (Year 9) reflected on the excursion saying “Parliament was captivating. I have expanded my knowledge of the two Houses, Upper and Lower and have a greater understanding of the different people in Australia that work together to protect society”.

In the classroom, Humanities teachers have been embracing the use of augmented and virtual reality. Year 10 History students have created their own digital narrative of various Second World War battles involving Australia, which have been transformed into augmented reality. Furthermore, Year 8 Geography students have participated in a virtual fieldtrip using cardboard VR headsets to explore Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii as part of their Natural Disasters unit. This week, a virtual reality experience also occurred in Year 7 History when students participated in a virtual expedition of the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and tomb of King Tutankhamun. This term has also seen many competitions take place with over 100 students participating in both the Australian Geography Competition and the Education Perfect World Series Social Sciences Competition.



Mrs Katrina Davey, Head of Humanities