The Science Faculty has endeavoured to take students beyond the classroom to explore science in the real world.

At the conclusion of Term 1, Year 11 VCE Physics students, Charlotte Sinclair, Caroline Sawers and XaSha Chua-Huggins, travelled with Mr Barry to the Melbourne Conference Centre to attend a talk by Dr Brian Greene, American theoretical physicist and string theorist. Dr Greene has been a professor at Columbia University since 1996 and has written many popular science books such as The Elegant Universe. During the presentation, Dr Greene answered audience questions on string theory and black holes.

During the term break, Alexandra Cullen joined the National Youth Science Forum alumni enjoying a day at the University of Melbourne and had the opportunity to discover different research institutions within Melbourne. Alexandra visited biomedical institutions Walter Eliza Hall Institute and CSL and thoroughly enjoyed the dental simulators at the School of Dentistry. Alexandra was amazed to see the scientific knowledge she has learnt in class being applied in practical situations in these laboratories.

At the commencement of the academic School year, several Year 11 VCE Chemistry students were invited to participate in the Chemistry Olympiad Training at the University of Melbourne. Sophie Karunaratne and Demi Markakis accepted the Science Faculty offer and ventured to the university every Monday. Sophie and Demi very much enjoyed exploring the grounds and facilities and the Chemistry lectures have enabled them to develop a greater understanding of the chemical concepts presented in class.

Sophie and Demi will sit the Chemistry Olympiad examination later in the year.



Mrs Vanessa Jackson-McRae, Head of Science