An invitation to Campbell House parents

As a long term, passionate educator, I am regularly asked a series of questions about education, both in the Early Learning and Primary School sectors.

With interest and experience, I respond to the questions with the purpose of providing ‘food for thought’, so that family discussions about schooling have a point of reference in their important discussions about education.

Aware that when selecting a school, the setting, gender, gender balance, educational programs, school values, approach and much more form the basis of these important discussions. We understand that much thought, consideration and investigation is invested in making a final decision.

Questions as listed below are frequently asked and I warmly invite families who wish to speak with me to make an appointment by calling Mary Poulos my Personal Assistant on 9828 3020.

I have often led group discussions about such matters but every family has different needs and a personalised discussion can be most effective.

Questions often asked:

  • Importance/otherwise of investing in primary school or waiting until secondary school?
  • Differences between single sex and co-ed from an educational point of view and specific to family needs/child’s characteristics?
  • A small/larger school?
  • Variety of educational programming and approaches?
  • What makes an effective school?
  • What characteristics should be looked for when visiting schools of choice?
  • Questions to ask the Principal regarding school?
  • School readiness?

Discussions regarding the above questions need to be held early in order for parents to reflect and make decisions based on family needs and goals.

Happily, I am well known for thoroughly enjoying discussions concerning education in general or specifics, so please avail yourselves of an opportunity just to consider some thought and reflections about all of the above.

Unwell children to stay at home

It is important, especially as we approach the cooler weather, that we all remain vigilant regarding cross infection and sharing of germs which is so prevalent in young children particularly. With respect for everyone, we request that children do not attend the Early Learning Centre if they are unwell.

After vomiting, as always, it is a requirement that the child stays away from the service until 24 hours after being sick. Staff in Campbell House do all they can to avoid children sharing infections, by constantly reminding them of the correct way to wash hands and to cover their mouths/noses when coughing or sneezing.

However, it is strongly requested that sick children remain at home until non-infectious.  We understand that children who spend time at home when unwell, actually recover more quickly.

Blue Gum Room

The recent and impending arrivals of several baby siblings within the Blue Gum Room community has prompted an inquiry into growth. The children were asked to bring in a baby photo of themselves to share at the beginning of the term. They are currently in the process of sharing their photos. This is providing the provocation for the children to explore questions such as ‘How have I grown and changed since I was a baby?’ and ‘What can I do now that I am three or four?’ We have shared the story ‘Guess the Baby’ and children have tried to guess the baby by matching each baby photo with current photos of the children. Next we plan to document the children’s growth through a range of measurement experiences and look forward to one of the mothers and baby siblings visiting the classroom for a question and answer session.

Sarah Bethune, Blue Gum Room Teacher (ELC Coordinator)



Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck