Special request to Campbell House families

With respect, we ask families to note that each afternoon, the ELC playground must be vacated by 3.35pm. Junior School students are not permitted to play in the ELC playground after school, unless they are members of the Afterschool Care Program on the day.

Parents who permit their child to play for a few minutes before moving away from school are urged to supervise the play. Please do not open the gate from the ELC area, for Junior School students or parents. We also request that Campbell House parents refrain from opening the coded gates to permit entry to Junior School families.

The integrity of the code system and safety of our children needs to be vigilantly maintained. We trust that families will appreciate that substantial reasons including safety sit behind this request.

Important Dates to Remember

Final day of Term One  – Friday 31 March, 12.00pm dismissal
Day One, Term 2 – Tuesday 18 April

Healthy Morning Snack and Lunch Ideas

We understand that parents always want their children to eat healthy food, which is really nutritious for them, but also varied, tasty and appealing. We are also fully aware that children look at other children’s snacks or lunches and sometimes prefer the ones prepared for others!

Variety is often a key to success in this area and to assist parents we have provided the following list of suggestions:

  • Cut sandwiches into shapes using a shape cutter/biscuit cutter
  • Cold potato/pasta salad (with spoon or fork)
  • Rolled up slices ham, chicken or turkey slice
  • Finger food: carrot, zucchini, cucumber, capsicum slices – cut up and served with a dip of hommus/tzatziki
  • Cheese – sticks, cubes, triangles or rounds and savoury crackers
  • Unsalted popcorn
  • Rice crackers – rounds and dip
  • Rice crackers with vegemite
  • Sultanas, dried apples or apricots
  • Fresh fruit/fruit salad
  • Cherry tomatoes, celery, carrot
  • Wraps or Pita bread with fillings of choice
  • Triangle sandwiches
Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck
Waratah Room

Drawing from observation always involves interaction between seeing and reasoning, feeling and memory. Ursula Kolbe, Artist and Author (2007)

Still life painting has been introduced to the children of the Waratah Room to encourage children to slow down, notice and document visual information.

Drawn from a previous creation of a fruit bowl at the drawing table, educators decided to use real fruits as the subject for still life painting. Children were encouraged to draw using a black marker first to encourage detail and then invited to use watercolour paints to complete their work.

Through this exploration, educators also aimed for children to begin to develop a relationship with the watercolour paints in order to understand how to use them and how they work. Introducing children to new materials and encouraging children to ‘get to know’ materials in the same way we ‘get to know’ each other, opens up opportunities for children to engage in many different languages for expression and communication.



Sandra Lenon, Early Learning Teacher