Good Friday Appeal

Year 6 will lead a fundraising activity with all proceeds going to the Royal Children’s Hospital for the annual Good Friday Appeal. The date set for collection of money is Friday 31 March, the final school day of Term 1.

All Barbreck students are invited to dress in ‘holiday clothes’ on the day and to bring a favourite teddy dressed as a ‘Holiday Bear’. The Final Assembly for the Term will commence at 12.00pm and a parade of the ‘Holiday Bears’ with some fun prizes to be awarded as part of our gathering. Families are encouraged to send a donation with your daughter on 31 March, to go towards the Royal Children’s Hospital special ‘Good Friday’ appeal. ‘Holiday Bears’ are also welcome to donate to the funds!

Year 6 students will provide a lovely morning tea (gluten free options included), with Year 6 parents kindly donating items for the Barbreck morning tea.

Important Dates to Remember

Final day of Term 1 – Friday 31 March, 1.00pm dismissal

Day One Term 2 – Tuesday 18 April

Year 4 Connecting to Country Excursion at The Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne rests on land that was a traditional and important camping and meeting place for the Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung people.

Our Year 4 students spent the day exploring the connection to the land and learning how the aboriginals lived.

Year 4 reflections


A Tanderrum is a smoking ceremony where you dance around the fire, placing leaves in it and let the smoke wash over you. Aboriginal people have a Tanderrum ceremony to welcome people into their country. It also sometimes occurs at a birth or even a death. It smelt very nice and was an Australian gum leaf smoke smell. We felt welcomed as a community of St Catherine’s girls onto Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung land. We all said ‘Wominjeka’ which means welcome to our land and may you have many blessings here. The elder who celebrated who celebrated Tanderrum with us, was called Ben.

Bunya Bunya Pine

We learnt about the spikey tree called The Bunya Bunya Pine. The young aboriginal boys at the age of 14 would climb up the tree as a part of a ceremony to prove that they were becoming a man.

Paper Bark Tree

The paper bark tree was amazing to touch and press our cheeks against. It was so soft and smooth. It was quite delicate and we were asked not to peel it away. Aboriginal people used the paperbark for many purposes. They lined their tarnuks with it so that their babies would be comfortable. They used it as a bandage and they fastened it with tree sap and reeds. The Aboriginal people were very creative thinkers because they needed their lifetime supplies from what they could find around them. They used their initiative and were very innovative over 60,000 years. They were able to think of new ideas to make changes. They were definitely not rigid thinkers.

Ms Stride, Mrs Barker and Ms Schilte, Year 4 teachers
Writing in Year 2

Our Year 2 students love to write! The growth and development in sentence lengths, grammar spelling and punctuation is pleasing to see.

The Pancake Family

There was once a pancake family, who lived long ago. There was papa and mama pancake.  There was granny and grandpa pancake and 1099 brothers and sisters. All of them lived in pancake world. 

Papa and mama went to pancake work. At pancake work, they made baby pancakes with egg, milk and flour. One of the baby pancakes rolled into the human world.

Mama and papa, grandpa and grandma and the 1099 brothers and sisters all rolled out of pancake world and went to the human world. They rolled a touch faster and blocked the baby and carried it back to pancake world.

Pancake world was happy again!

Mietta Barrington

The Pancake Discovers A Secret Way Home

There was a whole family of pancakes. One day, the little pancake went for a walk with her mum. When they were on their walk, the little pancake saw a dog. She loved dogs.

So she ran away to go and pat the dog. The dog was very friendly. But the dog had to run to his owner. On the way there, the pancake and the dog got lost. They saw a cat. Dogs hate cats. The little pancake was so scared.

The dog walked backwards. He bumped into something. It was the little pancake’s mum. The little pancake ran to her mother and gave her a big hug. The dog, the little pancake and her mum ran into a tent. When they were in there, they saw a secret passageway. So they climbed up and down to get through the secret passage and it led straight back home. 

They lived happily ever after. 

Lexie Giagnorio
A special request to Barbreck families

Barbreck students are not permitted to play in the ELC playground after dismissal time. The exception is for children who are attending the Afterschool Care Program on the day.

Coded gates should not be used by anyone who is not a current Campbell House family. The integrity of the coded system is very important. Barbreck students in Prep – Year 2 have numerous opportunities to play (during some gazetted lunchtimes) in the ELC playground but should not be using it after school.