With palpable exuberance, excitement, anticipation and much song and dance, the Year 7s headed down the Monash Freeway to their Phillip Island ‘We Belong Camp.’  The rowdy trip down, ended with gushes, oohs and ahhs in the appreciation of the spectacular Victorian weather and sea views from our camp ground overlooking CYC Beach. The girls quickly settled into their accommodation and soon began their first whole group activity. Over the three days, the girls participated in two whole group, team challenge activities and four House Group activities. The Geo Dome activity was a hit for our budding young engineers who, in teams, made a five sided standing structure, including a roof, by piecing triangles together, using rope and bamboo poles. Body Boarding and Surfing were an overwhelming favourite amongst the girls.

Each with a determined look and a steely resolve, they toppled, fell and eventually balanced their way to surfing immortality. The girls were able to laugh off their failures and celebrate their successes in a supportive and fun filled environment. The other activity was Marine Discovery where the girls searched rock pools for things of interest. A crab and sea urchin skeleton were two jackpot finds, with the girls learning that a crab sheds its shell by pulling up its legs, popping the lid of its shell and climbing out the back, before hiding under a rock for three days, waiting for its new shell to harden up.

The camp was over before we knew it and the girls made the most of every opportunity provided. When surveyed at the end, all girls said they had spoken to someone they had not previously spoken to and they went home with an extended friendship group. Staff on the camp commented on their appreciation of the girls’ beautiful manners and how their open and inclusive demeanours shone brightly throughout. A massive thank you must go to each individual Year 7 girl who attended for their behaviour and enthusiasm and also the to staff who took time out of their family life to support the girls.