Growing new opportunities in extension

Complementing our extension program at St Catherine’s is our Academic Honours Program, an exciting learning experience providing our students with a unique opportunity to further advance and enhance their established skills and academic talent within specialised small group environments.

The Honours Program is currently available to Years 7 and 8 students in the faculty areas of English, Humanities, Mathematics and Science. Participating students are selected based on their academic results, teacher recommendations and motivation to participate in this unique learning experience.


Explores Mathematical concepts and problems that are beyond the confines of the syllabus. Our Program broadens students’ Mathematical experiences and extends their Mathematical thinking skills.


Students are challenged to think differently about concepts in history and question the evaluation of traditional evidence. Each fortnight students are presented with a new tool for skill development and a new thinking skill. In small groups students collaborate and share information online, allowing them to further their understanding and continue meaningful conversations outside the traditional classroom space.


Our English Academic Honours Program invites and inspires young writers into a world of imagination and creation. Students craft their writing skills through the free exploration of creative writing challenges. Students each fortnight are invited to connect and collect wisdom from other students online.


The Year 7 Science Academic Honours Program centres around the concept of ‘Alchemy’ where students will investigate solubility and crystallisation and compete in the RACI Crystal Growing Competition.  Students in the Year 8 Honours Program will investigate pulleys, levers and simple machines.  Students will then put their skills to the test in constructing a simple hydraulic machine.