Mrs Ceri Lloyd
Mrs Ceri Lloyd

BA, DipEd Monash. GradDip (Professional Writing) VC

As a leading educator, Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School, Mrs Ceri Lloyd manages the development and implementation of the School’s Strategic Plan, specific to Years 7 to 12 and oversees all Senior School operations. Ceri leads the implementation of the School’s Academic and Wellbeing Programs for staff and students, in addition to also playing a key role in imagining the future of St Catherine’s School. The Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School assumes the delegated authority of the Principal in periods of extended leave.

What are the key responsibilities in your role?

Leading the successful implementation and delivery of the academic programs and staff professional development in the Senior School, aligned to the Towards 2025 Strategic Plan. A key focus is working alongside the Middle Leaders in developing academic programs and student wellbeing and that embrace a high level of academic care, rigour and innovation from Year 7 to VCE. A key priority is alignment to our Teaching for Thinking agenda, the Senior Years Learning Model and the Learning Framework that strives to develop student agency, independence and most importantly, academic care. 

Tell us about your academic and professional background.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education at Monash University, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing. More recently, I completed Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles online at Harvard University. I have worked in a range of independent schools in Melbourne and Sydney. In addition to being an English and History teacher, I have held a number of positions of responsibility, including Head of Upper School, Head of English, Project Leader – Senior Years Learning Model and VCAA assessor. My experience has led to an interest in aligning our teaching culture to the thinking classroom, developing exemplary teachers, and most importantly prioritising 21st Century character dispositions and skills in the students.

How do you ensure that St Catherine’s is able to provide an exemplary culture of learning for our students?

St Catherine’s is known for its personalised academic care and really does provide every student with the strongest foundation possible for them to reach their aspirations in learning and in life. A key part of my role is to ensure we develop innovative and rigorous academic programs so that every student is engaged and learns resilience, intellectual curiosity and independence in their studies. These character dispositions are key determinants of academic success and I feel we do this extremely well at the School as seen by our outstanding VCE results. I also ensure that we recruit and develop expert teachers who embrace innovation in their teaching and learning. As a school we consistently collaborate in teams to learn and teach; teachers and students work in partnership in the learning journey.

What makes St Catherine’s School special?

I like that St Catherine’s is a small school where relationships and community are central to all that we do. I love the fact that the students are so open to learning and that they have such a strong work ethic. My favourite part of working at St Catherine’s is being face to face in front of classes teaching, knowing that I am having an impact on their learning.

What are your interests outside of School?

Spending time with family and friends, travel, going out to dinner and reading when I find the time.