Issue 452 | 13 May 22 | W3T2

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Towards 2025

Student VOICES

Student V.O.I.C.E.S – Year 9 Critical Conver...

"I have thoroughly enjoyed partaking in Critical Conversations, as it gave me the opportunity to learn from my peers. Having the assurance that the classroom is a safe place to express my opinions, has helped me build my understanding of the topics."


Senior School

From the Head of Year 9

In Term 2 our Year 9 Cohort has welcomed the return of students, farewelled students on school exchange, and explored the new Critical Conversations Program.


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myPhotos: School Events Term 2

Search, locate and download photos from our flagship School events this Term, including Urinetown, the Mother & Daughter Breakfast, Senior School House Athletics and Year 7 Camp with myPhotos.