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Upcoming dates

Important Dates to Remember
Friday 11 May

PFA Mother’s Day Breakfast 7.15am

PFA Mother’s Day Stall – Junior School

PFA Mother’s Day Pop Up Shop, Mary Davis Cafe, Recess and Lunchtime

GSV Senior Water Polo Training (Before School)

Years 7 to 12 Running Group/Bootcamp (Before School)

VCE Economics Breakfast 6.15am, Crown Palladium

Junior School District Cross Country (10.00am – 3.00pm)

GSV AFL Round 3 (After School)

Saturday 12 May

Athletics Victoria Road Relays @Albert Park Lake 9.00am

Year 12 Formal Brighton International 7.00pm

Sunday 13 May

Mother’s Day

Monday 14 May

GSV Senior AFL training (Before School)

Sherren Singers (Years 7 to 8) 7.30am

Year 8 Trio 3.30pm

Years 3 & 4 Afterschool Sport

GSV Years 11 & 12 Round 3 (After School)

Tuesday 15 May

GSV Waterpolo Round 3

Theory Club 7.30am

Auxiliary Committee Meeting 8.15am

GSV Years 7 & 8 training (Before School)

Cross Country Training (After School)

Jorgensen Strings 3.30pm

Senior Concert Band 3.30pm

Years 5 & 6 Afterschool Sport 3.45pm – 5.00pm

Wednesday 16 May

Theory Club 7.30am

Years 3/5/7/9 NAPLAN Testing

GSV Intermediate & Senior Training (Before School)

PFA Committee Meeting (Ruth Langley Luncheon) 8.45am

GSV Years 9 & 10 Round 3

Thursday 17 May

Debating Round 3 (Scotch College)

Years 3/5/7/9 NAPLAN Testing

SS Swimming Training (Before School)

Years 7 to 12 Cross Country Training (Before School)

Percussion Ensemble 7.30am

Chamber Flutes (Year 9 to 12) 7.45am

Viva Voci (Years 9 to 12) 3.30pm

GSV Years 7 & 8 Round 4 (After School)

Friday 18 May

GSV Senior Water Polo Training (Before School)

Years 7 to 12 Running Group/Bootcamp (Before School)

Prep – Year 2 Special Visitors Day (11.00am – 12.30pm)

Year 7 Zoo Excursion 8.30am – 3.30pm

Junior School District Cross Country (10.00am – 3.00pm)

GSV AFL Round 4 (After School)


For further dates and information on upcoming events, please refer to the School Calendar.

Senior School Sport

From the Principal

From the Principal

Presenting at St Catherine's annual Girls Talk Parents Seminar this week, Sport and Exercise Psychologist Jacqui Louder, provided a thought provoking address: What Makes Girls Tick: Creating Enriched Environments.


Early Learning Centre

Campbell House News

Our ELC students celebrated Mother's Day by pampering their mums with a morning tea and stories. We also share news from the Waratah Room.


Junior School

Barbreck News

Gratitude reflections from our School Captain, asking the right questions in Year 4, a blast from the past in Year 2 history lessons and information on NAPLAN.


Towards 2025

Senior School

From the Head of Science

The Science Faculty have commenced Term 2 with a busy and noisy environment. We have however, enjoyed the outcome of this chaos with students now utilising three new…


From the Head of Year 10

Our Year 10 Wellbeing Retreat aimed to refresh and inspire our students to approach this upcoming examination period, the rest of the year, VCE and hopefully life beyond St Catherine’s School with a deeper sense of self and balance.


School News

Community News