Congratulations to Year 9 student, Flynn O’Brien who won the State Future Problem Solving (FPS) Finals. Following this win, Flynn participated in the FPS Nationals on the weekend, coming away with an award.


Flynn was placed in a group of students she had never met before and required to write a scenario 20 years into the future regarding the global workplace.

Her group was required to identify problems, develop solutions and each write from different perspectives. The scenarios had to link, when read separately. This meant that they had to work as a cohesive team, and then write an individual scenario all within a restricted time of two hours.

Flynn and her team won the Scenario Writing On-site Competition, All Divisions Best Group, reflecting Flynn’s ability to not only write creatively, but also work collaboratively.

Flynn provides this recount on the weekend’s events:

On Friday I went with my mum to the opening ceremony where I got my award for the first round of the competition. On Saturday I was picked up by Ms Hildebrand and went to the first day of the finals. It was lots of fun and quite challenging as I was placed in a group of three other students that I had never met before. We had to complete a story individually, but they all had to fit together. The story was about the global workplaces and I incorporated the culture of Fiji into solving the cultural barrier when working in teams over the internet. It was an intense and enjoyable two hours. Then we completed a research activity where we had to write a column about the day with the views of lots of other students.

Well done to Flynn on an amazing achievement.

Mrs Elka Gaensler, Head of Extension and Support