Beyond Boundaries: Growth Through Adventure and Challenge

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Year 8 Mitchell River Reflections

In Week 1 of Term 4, our resilient, persistent Year 8 girls attended the Mitchell River Journey. The girls hiked the length of the Mitchell River Walking Track which is surrounded by stunning cool temperature rainforests and Beech Forest.

Here are some of our Year 8 girls’ comments:

What does the Den of Nargun mean to you?
“I think it is a beautiful piece of earth which has been preserved for so long for the culture of the Aboriginal people. I feel it’s still a place where women can visit and reflect which I think is wonderful.”

“I really liked the place as it is a really peaceful area and I really enjoyed just sitting there and having some alone time to think and reflect. I think as teenagers we are usually quite busy and don’t have time for that.”

How did your attitude, or actions, effect yourself or others in your group?
“I think that it was really important to be resilient on this camp because even through the really tough challenges, we had to bounce back. I also found that by helping other members of our group, really allowed the rest of the group to benefit.”

“THINK POSITIVE – A positive attitude always makes the group happier and also brings the friendships closer. NEVER GIVE UP – I will never give up straight away and will always give something a second chance.”

Year 1 and 2 First Experience

Last week our Years 1 and 2 students had an absolute ball at their first ever Beyond Boundaries experience. Well done to all the Year 2s who had their first sleep over at School.
This week our cheerful Year 3 girls ventured out to Bacchus Marsh on their three-day active adventure. The girls went on day walks, worked in teams on the low ropes course and rock climbing wall, played initiatives, built bush huts, and relaxed with damper and billy tea.

Next week, our Year 7 girls are out again for their Cathedral Ranges Rock Journey.

For more information, please contact the Beyond Boundaries Office on 9828 3057.

Fact File

Cathedral Ranges is inhabited by many lyrebirds. Lyrebirds have a stunning ability to accurately mimic the sounds of the forests they inhabit. Most of their mimicry is of other avian species: calls, songs, wing beats, and beak claps, which they deliver in quick succession. They are fascinating creatures. For David Attenborough’s video, click here.

Ms Casie Chalman, Director of Outdoor Education