Going Beyond – Ingrid Crossing

As the 2017 Instrumental Music Captain, Ingrid Crossing demonstrated her capacity to find the right balance between curricular and cocurricular activities, participating in a range of ensembles and choirs and performing in the Senior School production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream while studying Year 12.

Ingrid Crossing, Music Captain and Year 12 graduate

“The many co-curricular activities, particularly Music, were a highlight for me. Participating in musicals, plays, bands and ensembles was a fantastic way for me to break away from the demands of the Year 12 program and allowed me to explore new pursuits. It was an honor to be selected as Music Captain this year, although I was constantly busy, it was definitely a highlight.”

The smaller class sizes at St Catherine’s provided Ingrid with a stronger sense of community, forming friendships with girls from many different Year levels, as well as a strong sense of comradery with her own Year level. “The small size of the School means teachers are able to focus on students one-on-one, which really helped me in both my studies and beyond. Not only that, but their care, kindness and enthusiasm really made a difference for me.”

Ingrid’s enthusiasm for the performing arts resulted in an exceptional Study Score in Theatre Studies Design, and she has now been invited by VCAA to exhibit her Costume Design for the Stagecraft Examination at Top Designs.

Despite her expertise in the arts, Ingrid is now hoping to continue her studies in the Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Her advice to future Year 12 students “Relax. You can only do so much before the stress becomes unhealthy. It is a huge year in terms of study, but it can also be a super fun year if you let yourself enjoy it. Make time for social activities, they’ll keep you sane and healthy, and don’t abandon your co-curriculars. It’s a busy year, but it’s worth it.”

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