Fearless – Erin O’Brien

In the coming years, Year 12 graduate Erin O’Brien hopes to study a Bachelor of Nursing, enabling her to combine her passion of helping others with her love of travel.

The 2018 Boarding House Captain joined St Catherine’s and the School’s boarding house, Illawarra, in Year 10. During her time at St Catherine’s, Erin welcomed every opportunity to contribute to life in the boarding house and organised numerous activities to help new boarders settle into Illawarra and form new friendships.

For Erin, the boarding experience was the highlight of her time at the School, “Forming such strong friendships, where every girl is like a sister, it is hard knowing I will not be able to see them every day.”

An active participant in the co-curricular life of St Catherine’s, Erin represented the School in Senior Netball, Cricket, Badminton and Diving. She was the recipient of the Langley Family Memorial Award for a Boarder which recognises her service and involvement at St Catherine’s.

With the help of her teachers and staff in the boarding house, Erin learnt valuable study skills which assisted her immensely in her VCE exams, “The time management and study skills that are entrenched into every student over the years is something that I felt privileged to have during studying at the end of Year 12, a skill that took years to master.”

Erin encourages the Class of 2019 to approach their VCE year with enthusiasm and a sense of ‘fearlessness’, “Year 12 is what you make of it, when you leave the Heyington Gates at the end of the year and walk out of your final exam, you want to know you have done your best, and no matter what the outcome is, if you have done everything you can, that is all you can ask for and you should be proud.”

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