Beyond St Catherine’s to Oxford University

Recently the Year 12 Literature class at St Catherine’s had the pleasure of a visit from past student Mia Pinto (’14). Mia is a student I remember well, having taught her Literature in Year 11. She truly embraced the subject and was a highly original thinker who was able to articulate her views on the texts in a mature and sophisticated manner. It was no surprise to Ms Vasiliki Spanos and myself when we were informed that Mia had been accepted into Oxford University where she is currently Reading Literature. This course is a full Literature study beginning with the study of Beowulf to more contemporary works.

Mia provided the students with some wonderful insights into approaching their study of Literature in terms of writing essays and examination preparation. She also shared her experiences of student life at Oxford where she has been involved in theatre – specifically production and directing. Mia commented how she loves University life and living in England.

Her advice to our current Literature students was to make the most of attending St Catherine’s, especially in terms of consulting with teachers and reading widely and critically. The students asked questions on the enrolment and interview process for Oxford University and life as a student of Oxford.

Mia’s speech to the students was inspiring, encouraging them to follow their dreams and stressing the importance of taking actual and practical steps towards making their dreams a reality.

Angela Sexton (Year 12) reflected on Mia’s visit: Having Mia visit was really encouraging because it gave us a vision of where we could go after St Catherine’s. It inspired us all to pursue our strengths no matter what those strengths are. Mia also gave us an exciting insight into life beyond school and the benefits of studying overseas.

Mrs Ceri Lloyd 

Head of English & EAL 

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