2017 School Dux

We also congratulate our 2017 St Catherine’s School Dux Zeyi (Zoe) Yu who achieved an ATAR score of 99.65, with a Study Score of 50 achieved in Mathematical Methods as a Year 11 student in 2016.

Zoe plans to study Mathematics next year and has set a long-term goal of undertaking a Masters Degree in the United Kingdom or Europe in five years.

Zoe has enthusiastically participated in co-curricular School life while dedicating her time to her studies. In 2016 Zoe was admitted to The Melbourne University Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar’s Program and received numerous Unit 1 and 2 subject prizes. Her consistent approach to her studies and aptitude for learning continued in Year 12 where she was recognised with the prestigious Dark Blue Award for Academic excellence n Year 12.

“I really enjoy studying and learning new things,” explains Zoe. “My teachers at St Catherine’s provided me with so much of their time to ensure I was fully prepared for all my studies – this made learning so much easier. The teachers and staff at St Catherine’s really cared about me.”

Along with her passion for Mathematics, Zoe said she also learnt so many life lessons during her time at St Catherine’s.

“I have learnt so much about respect, diversity and communication. It has all come from having the opportunity to study and board at St Catherine’s.”

“I am an international student, boarding at St Catherine’s. My family is in China while I study in Australia alone. To me, friends mean as much as family. Some of my best moments at St Catherine’s have been with my friends.”


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