​Opportunities to travel with School instil greater cultural understanding and broader perspectives and personal awareness.

A Passport to Learning

St Catherine’s School provides students a wide range of opportunities to extend their learning, knowledge and confidence through interstate and overseas travel. Our well-established exchange programs and study tours broaden the educational offerings allowing Senior School students to contribute to the wider community, explore opportunities and develop a deep understanding of their responsibilities within local, national and international contexts.

Language Exchanges

Our Language Exchange program takes our students out of the classroom and into the culture.

Over the summer holidays selected Senior students from Years 10 and 11 improve their language skills and appreciation for the culture in which they are studying through placement at St Catherine’s sister Schools across the globe.

St Catherine’s is proud to partner with the following sister Schools as part of our Language Exchange program:

  • Otsuma High School, Tokyo, Japan
  • Shukutoku High School, Nagoya, Japan
  • Centre Madeleine Daniélou, Rueil-Malmaison, France
  • Cours Fénelon, Toulon
Cultural Exchanges

Available to students in Years 9 and 10 our Cultural Exchange program broadens horizons for our girls who are not studying a language at School.  Year 9 students can travel to the United Kingdom and Year 10 students to the United States of America.

St Catherine’s holds strong links with the following sister schools as part of our Cultural Exchange program:

  • Queenswood School, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  • St Catherine’s School, Bramley, United Kingdom
  • St. George’s School, Ascot, United Kingdom
  • The Ethel Walker School, Connecticut, United States of America
  • Kingswood-Oxford School, Connecticut, United States of America
  • The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles, United States of America
  • Tower Hill School, Delaware, United States of America

In turn, participating students host students from St Catherine’s sister schools during return visits.

Australian Exchanges

Preparing students for international exchanges our Australia exchange program provides Year 8 students with the chance to participate in a week-long interstate adventure.

St Catherine’s has an established reciprocal Exchange program with the following schools:

  • St Michael’s Collegiate, Hobart
  • Wilderness School, Adelaide
  • Pymble Ladies’ College, Sydney

Study Tours

St Catherine’s offers a range of tours to cater for the many interests of our students and the diversity of our curriculum.

Overseas Study Tours are offered annually to enrich the study of areas such as History, Art, Music, Languages, Geography and Sport from Years 7 to 12.

Study Tours are offered every two years, so interested students would be able to attend the tour of their choice usually in Years 10 or 11, although the Chinese and Japanese Study Tours are also open to students in Year 9 and the Top End Study Tour is designed specifically for students in Years 7 and 8.

Students have previously travelled to Italy, France, China and Japan.

Global Young Leaders

Global Young Leaders Conferences are held in China, Europe and the USA. The conferences offer Year 11 students the chance to meet world leaders and exchange ideas with people including business leaders, diplomats, politicians and journalists as well as experiencing a range of social and cultural activities. Students attend the conference independent of the School.

Study Tours

Italy Art Study Tour – an opportunity to experience the great galleries and major sites of Italy. Visiting Venice, Prato, Florence, Sienna, Assisi and Rome Art students are able to view some of the world’s most famous pieces of Art and sketch amongst inspiring locations.

China Study Tour – introduces students to the fascinating aspects of China’s past and present. Venturing off the tourist track the Tour provides students time to interact with locals and witness the many business opportunities available with China. Students visit Beijing, climb the Great Wall, view Shanghai from the world’s tallest building and join students from all over the world in a language and culture course at Nanjing University.

NASA Space Camp – endorsed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Years 10 and 11 students will participate in a rigorous program at NASAs training facility in Alabama as well as visiting NASAs Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

French Study Tour – involves a two week home stay in the outskirts of Paris, French lessons, trips to Paris and a regional French retreat shopping at local markets, cooking local recipes and participating in cultural and language activities.

Top End Study Tour – alternating each year between the red centre and the Kakadu Years 7 and 8 students are immersed in Australian Indigenous culture and history. This cross Year level Tour fosters confidence, initiative, team work and support for the students involved.

Japan Study Tour – introduces students to three very different cities of Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya. The tour is designed to give participants a rich experience, both linguistically and culturally. It includes a visit to Shukutoku High School, our sister school in Nagoya and a short homestay where students will be provided with many opportunities to interact with their host families. On this tour, students will take part in cultural workshops such as a traditional tea ceremony or making Japanese wax food.

Heyington to Highlands

As part of the Year 9 curriculum our Heyington to Highlands program deepens students’ understanding of the world beyond school-learning – sharing ideas and games with young Fijian students, immersing themselves in village life, learning about Fijian traditions and histories as well as exploring the remote environment of the Fijian Highlands.


Global Expedition

Offers students education through experience packed with eye-opening cultural exchanges, physical challenges, and meaningful service projects in some of the world’s most beautiful developing countries. Students are engaged in all aspects of the trip, playing a major role in planning their itinerary, including project work in a local community and a challenging trek. Students are also supported in setting and achieving individual and team fundraising goals to help cover the cost of the expedition program.

Past destinations include Peru, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Borneo and Vietnam. These expeditions are offered every two years.

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education Group, who run St Catherine’s Beyond Boundaries program offer Australian expeditions for interested students. These expeditions allow students to challenge themselves and extend the skills they gain through the Beyond Boundaries program.

Previous expeditions include the Larapinta Trail, the Overland Track and sea kayaking in far North Queensland.