Issue 320 2 November 2018 W4T4

From the Principal

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Barbreck News

Barbreck students are all eagerly looking forward to our fundraising efforts to be held next Friday 9 November, to raise money towards the farmers who have been severely affected by drought conditions.


Junior School Sport

House Volleystars 2018 Results

House Volleystars is one of the much awaited competitions for our Year 5 and 6 students as each House scrambles for the overall honour of Champion House of Barbreck for 2018.


Director's Insights

VCE Insights

Senior School

Update from the Head of Languages

We have just farewelled our first visitors from the Olive Tree Academy. Four students from our new sister school were selected to participate in a St Catherine’s exchange in a school-wide competition based on their English language skills.


Senior School Sport

Community News

Christmas Goodies For Sale

The St Catherine’s Parents' and Friends' Association is delighted to be able to offer some carefully selected Christmas goodies for sale to the St Catherine’s community.