“The award for the best supporting role goes to…”

The St Catherine’s School Community is supported by our Auxiliaries and parent helpers, of which we are fully appreciate. This year the Drama Auxiliary supported the Senior School Play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Years 7 and 8 Musical, HONK Jr. through selling food and beverage before each show and at interval. The Auxiliary also supports the Drama Department and the Performing Arts with financial support in gaining equipment. Their ongoing work and great humour assist teachers and students alike during the long hours of rehearsal and performance nights.

Sophie and Drusilla Williams

Through interviewing Drusilla Williams, parent of Sophie Williams (Year 8) and member of the Drama Auxiliary, we hear first-hand the joy and camaraderie parents feel when supporting an Auxiliary.

Drusilla is a working mother and parent but feels passionate about ‘giving what you can’ to the School community.

“Sometimes it is not about doing everything but doing what you can in the time you have. I have not baked goods for all of the Drama Auxiliary functions, but I can offer my time, a couple of hours at a performance. It still makes a difference”

“Being a part of the Auxiliary allows you to get to other people, other parents. You see another side of the School. You do not need to have a daughter in the Senior School Play to help out, you may have daughter in Year 7 who loves Drama”

Drusilla says that the Drama Auxiliary is not as onerous as one thinks. The four performances in total, which includes the Senior School play or musical and the Years 7 and 8 play or musical, are the major events for the year. The lead up to these of course, is where the planning and work happens, but as member of the Auxiliary you can choose how to support these events.

Working back stage at a musical can be challenging, however, an abundance of fun. Holly McGlaughlin (Year 8) HONK Jr’s Assistant Stage Manager and back stage crew member Isabella Bez (Year 7) enjoyed the process of learning about creating a musical.

Holly was definite in her opinion, “I have really enjoyed being part of the show, the community that is, even though you are not on stage, you can be a part of it”

Isabella, spoke of the challenges of a large show but liked the skills she learnt, “I have liked learning how to arrange the sets and ensuring the cast is on the stage at the right time”.

She added, “As a new Year 7, I would say to say any of those girls who cannot sing or dance, join in and take part backstage, because it is really good fun”.

HONK Jr. Back stage crew: Isabella Bez (Year 7), Eve Rayner (Year 10), Holly McGlaughlin (Year 8), Sarah Steven (Year 11), Yasmin Jayasekera (Year 7)

Mrs Julia West, Head of Drama