Second-hand Uniform Shop News

With Bob Stewart now running the School Uniform Shop, the Parents’ and Friends’ Association are delighted to have been given the opportunity to take over the running of second hand uniform sales.

The Second hand Uniform Shop will open on 3 August and will be located in the building behind the Winter Garden. The shop will be accessible through the rear door of the Winter Garden or through the pedestrian gate on Heyington Place between the Winter Garden and the uniform/music building. New signage will be erected to ensure that the shop is easy to find and access.

The shop will be open every Wednesday between 1.00pm – 4.30pm. This will allow parents to access the shop outside of busy drop-off and pick-up times when parking is more accessible. It also allows the students the opportunity to make purchases at recess and lunch times.

Opening Date: 3 August 2017

The shop will stock:

  • second-hand uniform items
  • ribbons
  • new socks and stockings
  • badged items such as House pins.

The shop will provide both cash and credit card facilities with credit cards being welcome over the phone. Clothing items can either be donated to the School or given on a commission basis.

The commission structure will be as follows:

50% from the sale of each of the following items will be returned to the seller:

  1. Blazers
  2. Slickers
  3. 2XU tights
  4. Zoot suits
  5. Interschool leotards.

100% of the proceeds of all other items will be directly donated to the School.

Donating your pre-loved uniforms is a great way to support your PFA and in turn, your girls, as all money raised is used to directly benefit the students through purchases made for them by the PFA. For the next four years, the PFA is donating all monies raised towards the Village Green located in the new Junior School Building.

I am delighted and very grateful to Lisa James who has kindly agreed to manage the shop. Lisa has successfully managed second-hand clothing shops in the past and is always highly professional and organised, and she will do an amazing job. She will be joined by Amanda Thompson and Lara Stocco as team leaders. The School is very thankful to these three ladies for giving up their time and energy into making the shop a wonderful resource for our St Catherine’s families.

I wish to thank Mrs Shan Podolakin for running the second-hand uniform sales in such a friendly and professional manner for the past 15 years. Her service and dedication to the families of St Catherine’s was always above and beyond. We wish her well with her next endeavours.

Mrs Nicole Begley, PFA President St Catherine’s School