With Semester 1 now comlete, the Year 9s have had a busy time adjusting to the higher academic standards that come with being in the middle of their senior education. While they have completed their last NAPLAN testing, they also experienced their first Examination Festival (named by the Director of Curriculum Innovation & Development, Mr Adrian Puckering). In preparation for the examinations, the Year 9s had the opportunity to listen to a guest speaker from Success Integrated. The speaker discussed the meaning of Growth and Fixed mindsets, as well as the importance of grit when challenged and attempting to achieve goals. Many students enjoyed the presentation and commented about their understanding of how failure can be feedback, and that struggle is good.

In addition, during Level period, a study skills presentation was delivered, outlining some techniques and strategies students could use in preparation for their examinations. Students were also informed about time-management skills and creating a good study environment at home without distractions. The Year 9s found this to be a beneficial session that provided them with plenty of tips to help facilitate effective studying and organisation during this period.

Congratulations to our Year 9 students, for successfully surviving the Examination Festival, and demonstrating a great level of maturity during this time.

During the last few weeks, I have also had contact with the St Catherine’s UK Exchange students, who are having a wonderful time in the British schools. They were thankful that the weather had warmed up recently to a ‘scorching 27 degrees’. It has been pleasing to hear that many of these girls have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and have been trying different co-curricular activities such as Rounders. Rounders is a striking and fielding team game that involves hitting a small, hard, leather-cased ball with a rounded end wooden, plastic or metal bat. The players score by running around the four bases on the field.

Our students have also been making the most of the opportunity to experience a variety of different subjects with Design and Technology being a favourite amongst many of them. Several of the students have also had the opportunity to visit Bath, Windsor Castle and other European countries. We look forward to hearing many of their stories upon their return in Term 3.

Finally, it was pleasing to witness a great level of participation and enthusiasm amongst the Year 9s at the recent Senior School Athletics Carnival. Many girls participated in House events and had a wonderful time taking part in novelty games. Overall, a great day was had with Holmes Kilbride taking out the win.


Ms Fiona Ganino-Day, Year 9 Dean