Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Morning

Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Morning

At St Catherine’s we are committed to using Digital Technologies as an integrated part of the classroom experience, and Augmented Reality is finding its way into our Year 7 classroom experience. Our Year 7 students are inviting their grandparents or a special friend to a special morning on Friday 28 April to see firsthand their learning in TIDE and Coding, as well as receiving a tour of the School and a short update on the future of education by Director of Curriculum Innovation & Development, Mr Adrian Puckering.

To demonstrate the ever-changing nature of the ways in which we can embed digital learning into our classrooms, our Invitations have been embedded with a little Augmented Reality magic. To see just how Augmented Reality can be used in everyday teaching:


entity Step 1: Download the Entiti App or your phone.
year-7-grandparents-event Step 2: Open the App and hover your phone over the invitation image displaying on your desktop screen.

Voila! – an augmented reality message from the girls will display

Year 7 students are requested to provide RSVPs on behalf of their special invitee by Friday 21 April.

Please contact Mr Adrian Puckering for further information.