Happy to return!

As always, staff and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing and observing the happy chatter, wide smiles and the excited sharing of adventures and stories which took place, as Campbell House learners returned to a new term.

Faces relaxed, enthusiasm high and refreshed energies to explore and conquer more learning, are all delightful to observe after a break from the routine and necessary expectations of school.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck
The Early Learning Centre Playground Facility

Barbreck students are not permitted to play in the ELC playground after dismissal time. The exception of this is when children attend the Out of School Hours Care program.

Coded gates should not be used by anyone who is not a current Campbell House family. The integrity of the coded system is very important. Barbreck students in Prep-2 have numerous opportunities to play (during some gazetted lunchtimes) in the ELC playground, but should not be using it after school.

Four Leaf Clover Program

Fostering positive relationships is an integral element of children’s development. During the last week of Term 1, the Banksia and Wattle Room children were introduced to their new friends from Year 4 in the Junior School as part of the ‘Four Leaf Clover Program’. The name of this program unfolded last year when the teachers in Year 4 and those in Wattle and Banksia Room collaborated. We wanted the name to symbolise what this relationship represents and the four leaves of the clover faith, hope, love and luck suggest that the friendship is special and unique. The program has been designed to promote peer-mentoring, foster playful friendships and to encourage the girls to embrace the wider community of their school. Each child from the Banksia Room is now partnered together with their new friend and will meet twice a term to share activities and experiences.

During the first session, the Banksia and Wattle Room children enjoyed sharing their ELC playground, and were quick to lead their new friends to their favourite space and activity. At the end of the day there was much anticipation of their next Four Leaf Clover session, where further companionable learning and peer support will take place.

Mrs Fiona Barker, ELC Banksia Room and Miss Kristina Schrader, ELC Wattle Room