As this term draws to a close, it is with much excitement and pride that the Year 7 students can now embark upon their holidays after navigating their first term of Secondary School. It has been an extremely eventful Term filled with many significant milestones and opportunities to participate in the wider School community beyond that of the Year 7 cohort. It is these many varied co-curricular offerings at St Catherine’s School that serve to further foster the sense of belonging, an integral factor of academic success. The cohort’s participation in the weekly and GSV Sport, music ensembles, choirs and the variety of clubs including Writer’s Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Science Club and St Catherine’s very first Latin club, has enriched the School experience and certainly kept our girls very active!

Reflecting back on the past nine weeks, one of the highlights would surely be the Year 7 ‘weBelong’ Camp at Phillip Island. This three day camp enabled students to build rapport within their form groups by working as a team at the beach contests, experience success with physical challenges such as surfing, establish new relationships and form new bonds. Each and every participant of the camp conducted themselves impeccably and demonstrated such positivity and enthusiasm that it was simply infectious. It was evident to supervising staff, that strong connections had been forged within the Year level and that it was further cemented during this camp experience.

As hectic as Term 1 has been, the students have also strived for academic success and balanced their commitments to study with that of their co-curricular participation. The transition from primary to secondary school is immense and the cohort should feel very proud of all that they have achieved thus far. The School eagerly anticipates their return for another fulfilled term in Term 2.


Ms Kanako Yokouchi, Dean of Year 7