STEM in the Mornings

Year 2 students have been learning about fractals by exploring and building their own 3D Sierpinski Triangle during their before School STEM in The Morning sessions.

These patterns, called fractals, are repeated over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.

The girls have worked together to measure, rule and draw each individual triangle in the design. Mr Greg McCarthy from our Maintenance Department generously assisted during the frame building stage of the project. The triangles were then arranged carefully to form the sides before being stapled to the frame.

The students are also enjoying looking for natural examples of fractals in the playground and at home, and are encouraged to bring photos or drawings in to share with us all.

The Sierpinski Project is almost complete, and is on display in the Barbreck Library for all to enjoy.

Mrs Chris Hogan
Extension and Learning Support Department


Dogtober Fundraising

During Week 4 of this Term, the Year 6 students have been raising money for the charity Dogtober (Assistance Dogs Australia).

This charity raises money to train dogs to assist people with conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes and autism. These dogs really do help and change people’s lives. The dogs can do lots of things, from detecting when someone is about to have a seizure, to pressing the button at the traffic lights. However, they are very costly to train ($30,000).

These dogs help in a way that humans cannot. They are devoted companions.

Throughout the week we sold dog pens, badges, teddies, stickers, magnets and mystery raffle tickets (congratulations to the mystery raffle winners). We also held a casual clothes day on Thursday 27 October where girls could bring a gold coin donation for this cause and dress up with a little hint of canine.

We thank you all for your kind donations – whether you purchased Dogtober merchandise or donated a gold coin on Thursday.

We are pleased to advise, that with all of your help we raised $1,480 towards training a dog to help someone’s life. Year 6 would like to thank Mrs Moor, Daisy Turnbull (Barbreck School Captain) and Clementine Sitch (Barbreck Vice Captain) for getting all the Year 6 girls on board with this idea!

Once again thank you all for your donations.

Madeline Powell
(Year 6)
Public Speaking Competition 2016

The following students were finalists in the much anticipated event held on 28 October. Congratulations to all participants in what was a high standard competition and to the students announced as winners on the day.

The winners were:

Year 3:

Portia Gowrie – First Place
Annabel Calvert – Encouragement award
Xi Ting (Christine) Chi
Sophie Farrer

Year 4:

Rhea Werner – First Place
Chelsea Harris
Sophia Atkins
Louisa Burney

Year 5:

Ava Colosimo – First Place
Phoebe Hogan – First Place
Julia Kent
Freya Cantwell

Year 6:

Beibei Zhang – First Place
Madeline Powell
Madeleine Farrer
Camilla Thomas
Angela Yu
Jasmine Pierides

Year 6 Celebration

Date: Thursday 1 December
Time: 5.15pm
Venue: Barbreck

Year 6 parents are advised that all Year 6 students will remain at School from 3.30pm to prepare the final touches towards the 5.15pm commencement of the special “Year 6 Celebration” for 2016.

Students will wear summer uniform to the event. The girls are invited to bring a clean summer dress on a coat hanger with them in the morning if desired.

We look forward to a most enjoyable and memorable evening as we join together to celebrate Year 6 2016.

Classes 2017

Staffing and Year level placements for 2017 are currently being addressed. Students will be spending time with their 2017 classroom teacher and classmates on the gazetted transition session date of Friday 2 December.

Classes are compiled after a great deal of staff discussion. Selections are made largely upon the ways in which different students work best, as well as ensuring the classes are academically balanced. Staff make the decisions after discussions together.

Students are often friendly with particular individuals but it is often the case they work best in classroom tasks when they are not in the same class. The playground is often the best place to meet up with friends! Staff are aware of the interests and different skill sets of students, and with whom they are comfortable and work well with, during classroom work.

Staffing has not been finalised for Year levels at this stage. It is important that all staff have the opportunity to experience different Year levels and sections of the School from time to time, so changes are not unusual. We ask that conversations about class placements remain positive. It is so important that students are enthusiastic and ready to move into the next level in an eager way. Effective learning must be surrounded by positivity.

Mrs Alana Moor Head of ELC and Junior School