Welcome back to the St Catherine’s School community after the term break. We hope that you have all had a well-earned rest. Undoubtedly, our Year 12 students have put in many hours of study and completed many practice examinations.

Music Captains 2016

With only a little more than two weeks left of formal schooling for our Year 12 students, it is timely to thank our two Music Captains for 2016 and welcome our 2017 Music Captains.

Ruby Smith (Choral Captain) and Katherine Yuan (Instrumental Captain) have been exemplary leaders this year, organising events such as the inter-school Sing Off!, Music Camp activities and speeches, as well as music for the 120 EPIC Gala Concert.

The girls have also continued in the tradition of past captains, adding great positivity to the ‘feel’ of our Department, with diverse activities such as the Kazoo Choir (!) designed to gain trust and build our community from the Year 7 level up.

These girls have tidied notice boards, helped distribute music when required and been on stage each week for formal assemblies. I would also like to thank the large cohort of musicians in Year 12 who have all made important contributions to the Department. As well as our Captains, I must make particular mention of Georgina Cheale, Gemma Chan, Greta Chen, Sabine Harms and Sofiya Hay for the sheer volume of ensembles that they have supported. Their constant attendance throughout each week and their positive work-ethic and musicianship has been greatly noticed and appreciated.

Congratulations to 2017 Music Captains

Ingrid Crossing 2017 Music Captain (Instrumental)

Ingrid Crossing 2017 Music Captain (Instrumental)


Phoebe Edwards 2017 Music Captain (Choral)

Phoebe Edwards 2017 Music Captain (Choral)


Voting for 2016-17 Music Captains was as intense as always, with 22 possible candidates aiming for selection. As always, the process was very fair, with two outstanding young ladies being elected. We congratulate 2017 Choral Captain Phoebe Edwards (voice and cello) and 2017 Instrumental Captain Ingrid Crossing (saxophone) on their success and, once again, I would like to thank all the girls for the gracious way they have accepted the voting process.

We will have a great deal for all of our Year 12 musicians to do next year, with leadership of many of our flagship groups to be undertaken by these girls. We look forward to bringing you details of other leaders within the Music Department, both from this year and next, over the coming weeks.

Ensembles and Orchestras

Jorgensen Orchestra, Senior Concert Band, Cantanti Belli, Viva Voci and Auto-no-maus now have a swift two-week period to finalise the music which will enhance the Years 9 to 12 Speech Night on Tuesday 18 October. The Orchestra and Band will combine on a Tuesday afternoon, and this rehearsal will finish at 4.30pm.

From Thursday 20 October, auditions for a place in our advanced ensembles for 2017 will take place. Students are encouraged to sign-up on the blue noticeboards between the Drama and Music Departments. Groups such as Viva Voci and Soul Power will continue to rehearse for events later in the Term (see below) and Ensembles from the Years 7 and 8 program will have the opportunity to perform at their Awards Assembly at the end of November.

Soloists and small ensembles from Years 7 and 8 are encouraged to perform at the recital on 8 November.

Music Dates – Term 4

  • Years 9 to 12 Speech Night – Tuesday 18 October, Dorothy Pizzey Hall
  • Years 7 and 8 Recital – Tuesday 8 November, Myer Studio
  • PFA Christmas Party – Friday 18 November
  • Years 7 and 8 Awards Assembly – Tuesday 29 November, Dorothy Pizzey Hall
  • House Arts Performance – Tuesday 6 December, Dorothy Pizzey Hall
  • Senior School Christmas Service – Wednesday 7 December, Toorak Uniting Church

Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance on any matter to do with the Performing Arts. Our Administrator’s number is 9828 3014 and you may also email music@stcatherines.net.au with any queries.

Mrs Jenny Mathers, Head of Music