Welcome Back!

Campbell House is once again a place of happy chatter, friend making, learning and sharing interesting tales of adventure, precious times and objects of interest. Term 4 has begun!

The new Term has begun in earnest and children and staff have returned with projects to be enjoyed, events to plan and the excitement of orientations for the 2017 year. Each one highly valued and well orchestrated by staff.

Drawing and Expression 

Play and experiential learning are engaging for children and children learn best when they are fully engaged. On Thursday 31 August the Wattle and Banksia Room children were involved in an excursion to The Heide Gallery of Modern Art in Bulleen. This excursion was aimed at immersing the children in the world of art through an exhibition that involved the use of photography, webcams and light. The children were intrigued by what they saw and responded thoughtfully to questions that were posed by the educators at Heide. On their return the children were asked to reflect on their visit through their drawings. The photo gallery below provides a snapshot of their time at the Gallery.

Ms Fiona Barker
Banksia Room Teacher

Prep 2017

The learners in the 4YO programs are now in their final term before the next chapter commences with most of them entering Prep in 2017.  What an exciting time!

Provided below are some ways in which families can assist to help young learners to prepare for school entry:

Practical skills to teach your child before commencing school:

By the time your child begins school it is important there is competence in a number of tasks and activities. We list some below for your reference:

  • dress independently (including doing up buttons and zips)
  • put on shoes, socks, and sports shoes (shoes with velcro are easier for children to do up than laces)
  • go to the toilet independently and wash and dry hands
  • provide full name, address and telephone number, if asked
  • open a lunch box and drink bottle and know which food to eat at recess and at lunchtime
  • ask for help when needed
  • take responsibility for money that needs to be brought to school for lunch or special events
  • write own name – at least first name
  • use a pair of scissors, hold a pencil correctly, bounce and catch a ball, run, jump, hop and climb
  • look after property – pencils, drink bottle, jumpers, school bag etc and recognise name labels
  • know when it is time to listen to others.
Practical things parents can do:

Please ensure all of your child’s belongings are clearly named. This includes all items of school uniform and lunchbox, drink bottle, books and school bag. It is important to remember to name socks and underwear also.

Off to Lunch with Preps at St Catherine’s
Preps off to Lunch

This photo portrays just a snippet of the enthusiasm and excitement which was so evident as a number of the girls who will be entering the St Catherine’s School Prep level in 2017, lined up to go and have lunch in the ‘big School’.

Lunch has never tasted so good!


Mrs Alana Moor Head of ELC and Junior School