Our 2023 Top Performers

Congratulations to our Class of 2023 for their outstanding academic achievements.

This year, our Year 12 students have shown resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of their schooling. As a cohort they have led our School with kindness and a sense of cohesion, displaying empathy and compassion towards each other, and their younger peers.

The following students are to be congratulated for achieving outstanding results in Year 12 with ATARs above 99, placing them in the top 1% of the State.


Amanda Shen

“The individual relationships I established with all my teachers facilitated easier conversations when I was met with queries. The quality of teaching promotes such a good classroom environment allowing us to all learn from discussions.” 

Caitlin Wang

“The teachers were always super willing to lend an extra hand outside of classroom time which is something I’m really fortunate for. I strongly believe that our cohort of girls, and their passion to succeed and support one another, really pushed me to become the best version of myself, and fostered my drive to perform both academically and within my co-curricular activities.”


Christina Wu
2023 School Dux

“I am so grateful to my teachers for all their support. They helped me academically with constant communication and advice, but they also helped me emotionally, helping me believe in myself.” 


Emma Gregory

“St Catherine’s has a strong academic culture and supportive structure which encourages students to pursue their goals. I had phenomenal teachers who were always willing to help, give feedback and explain concepts where need be.”


Flora Du
2023 School Co-Captain

“My teachers, on a very fundamental level, taught me the skills and knowledge required for VCE. Their expertise fostered my engagement in learning and my curiosity for each subject. On a more important note, their support and dedication to helping students inspires me to utilise my knowledge and create positive change in the world.” 


Freya Cantwell

“My teachers have been so supportive of me. They always pushed me to aim high and this support has proved to be so valuable in achieving high marks in VCE. We are so lucky at St Catherine’s School to have such precious learning tools, such as our beloved teachers. They really do put their heart and soul into their subjects and I am so appreciative of their guidance this past year.”


Katharine Carter

“Kate’s positive approach to her studies was evident in her strategies for learning and making the most of School life. She is commended for the diligent and purposeful manner in which she pursued her goals and passions.” 


Keyue (Karen) Deng

“St Catherine’s has been instrumental in my academic journey. The supportive environment and the dedication of the teachers were instrumental in my success. They provided guidance, encouragement, and resources that enabled me to excel and reach my full potential”


Leanne Hiew

Leanne made valuable contributions to the co-curricular life of St Catherine’s on top of her outstanding academic achievements, most notably through her involvement in the Debating A-Grade Team. Leanne maintained a strong work ethic across Year 12 and was a friendly and well-respected member of the Class of 2023.” 


Scarlett Song

“St Catherine’s and my teachers have helped me reach my goals by always showing support for me, no matter whether it was in academic or just general school life. The care and help from teachers have truly made me become more invested and resilient in my studies.” 


Tahlia Guzzardi

“I have always been supported with my endeavours by teachers who were eager to push me to reach my full potential. My teachers have always been happy to clarify academic concerns I had or answer my questions about extension concepts and specific academic interests.” 


Xiaoying (Selina) Weng
Proxime Accessit to the Dux

“Throughout the year, all of my teachers were being so helpful and supportive. I was able to schedule one on one meetings with them regularly during my spares whenever I had any queries. I plan to study the Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne next year.”

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