Science Success 2022

International Chemistry Quiz

In July, Science students participated in the R.A.C.I. International Chemistry Quiz. The Quiz attracted entries from schools in Australia, Asia, England, Canada, and Switzerland. The aims of the Quiz are to promote and encourage an awareness of the nature and relevance of chemistry amongst secondary school students. All VCE Chemistry participated in the Quiz. Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding efforts: 

Year 11 Candidates 

High Distinction
Top 10% of students in the state. 
Freya Cantwell 

Tahlia Guzzardi 

Lucia Tabbagh 


Top 10%-25% of students in the state 

Katharine (Kate) Carter 

Flora Du  

Catherine Karas 

Brydie Read 

Top 25%-40% of students in the state.  
Qingyu (Eva) Liang 

Mietta Passon 

Caitlin Wang 

Agnes Winzar-Sdraulig 

Year 12 Candidates 

High Distinction
Top 10% of students in the state. 
Paula Chen 

Qingyu (Mavis) Yau 


Top 10%-25% of students in the state 

Charlotte Myer 

Sophie Simons 

Top 25%-40% of students in the state.  
Megan Duong 

Ciara Jenkins 

Ruby Wake 


Olympiad Examinations

In August this year, over 5,000 students registered for the Australian Science Olympiad Examinations in Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Chemistry and Physics. 

Designed to challenge top performers, students from schools across Australia registered to sit the two-hour examination. These challenges are the first stage of the selection process for the Australian Teams competing at the International Science Olympiads. St Catherine’s also competed in the Junior Olympiad Examinations. 

The Competition is coordinated by Australian Science Innovations, a not-for-profit organisation that runs the Big Science Competition and the Australian Science Olympiad Competition to encourage students to study Science and consider science as a career.  

Congratulations to Year 11 student, Flora Du who received a Credit Certificate in the Chemistry Olympiad Examination, placing her in the top 30%. 

Congratulations also go to the following Years 9 and 10 students who completed the Junior Olympiad: 

High Distinction
Top 10%  
Angelina Chumbley 

Next 20% 

Zenan (Amy) Chen 

Jixuan (Jennifer) Gao 

Tianqi (Jenny) Lu 

Saffron Scheele 

Jisu Yang 

Next 30%  
Jiarun (Karen) Ai 

Chloe Barber  

Harriet Syme 


SuperHack is an annual engineering hackathon hosted by The Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club (MUEEC). It is MUEEC’s largest event of the year.  

SuperHack is an annual engineering hackathon where female, non-binary, and gender diverse students in Years 10 and 11 from metropolitan and regional across Victoria are invited to compete in teams to solve engineering design challenges based on a set theme.  

SuperHack took place from Saturday 26 November to Sunday 27 November. The following students participated for two days: 

Team 17: Zenan (Amy) Chen, Angelina Chumbley, Emma Gregory, and Caitlin Wang
Team 18: Jixuan (Jennifer) Gao, Tianqi (Jenny) Lu, and Jisu Yang
Team 19: Jiarun (Karen) Ai, Katharine (Kate) Carter, Keyue (Karen) Deng, Mia Krongold, and Tszki (Lily) Zhang
Team 20: Sienna Lonetti, Sienna Rigg, Matisse Stafford, and Lucia Tabbagh 

Congratulations to Team 20 who received second place and Team 19 who received third place. 


SPECTRA, or Science Program Exciting Children Through Research Activities, is a national science award program developed and administered by the Australian Science Teachers Association. 

Eva Yinuo (Eva) Li, Victoria Guan, Melinda Wang, Tiffany Shen, and Annabelle Hou carried out a range of practical and observational activities, research, experiments, and projects to meet the criteria of a specific program – Kitchen Chemistry. The students have completed the required number of activities to the satisfaction of the teacher and have been awarded the SPECTRA certificate.

Ms Vanessa Jackson-McRae

Head of Science

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