National Recognition for Teaching and Learning

St Catherine’s School is thrilled to announce it has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Australian Education Awards for 2023 in two categories.


My congratulations to both Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning, Mrs Ceri Lloyd and Head of Professional Practice, Ms Kristy Forrest who have spearheaded the development of the Teaching and Learning Framework last year and have been instrumental in driving the Professional Learning Program that underpins our Teaching for Thinking Agenda.

To be listed as ‘finalists’ in the Australian Education Awards is an impressive and significant recognition of their collective work on a national scale and reflective of the careful deliberations and innovation in design of both programs and the work completed behind the scenes by our coaches of our Professional Learning Teams, our Heads of Faculty and every teacher implementing this strategic agenda in their classrooms.

The implementation of our bespoke St Catherine’s Teaching and Learning Framework, together with the support provided to every teacher through our Professional Learning Program signposts the importance of providing every student with authentic learning opportunities and evidence informed practices.

Selection in the Innovation in Curriculum Design recognises the St Catherine’s Teaching and Learning Framework, that was developed in 2022; this Framework aims to build a common language of learning at St Catherine’s and identifies eight learner competencies that reflect the skills required for the 21st century and underpins the Thinking Agenda implemented in every classroom.

The Best Professional Learning Program highlights the importance of strengthening classroom practice and instils high-level teacher reflection on the depth and quality of student thinking, and the development of learning competencies and character dispositions.

Following the success of our 2021 and 2022 VCE results and subsequent listing as the #1 Girls School in Victoria, this recognition at the Australian Education Awards showcases how the School continues to excel across its academic, co-curricular and wellbeing programs.

St Catherine’s School was also a finalist last year in the 2022 Australian Education Awards in two categories, School Strategic Plan and Innovation in Learning Environment Design highlighting the School’s continued capacity to deliver innovative and forward-thinking educational programs for its students.

The Award winners will be announced in August 2023.

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