Going Beyond – Stephanie Wills

A career in landscape architecture beckons for 2017 graduate Stephanie Wills. With plans to study Landscape Architecture at university, Stephanie also hopes to utilise the networks she developed whilst on work experience to secure work in the future.

Stephanie Wills, Magazine Captain and Year 12 graduate

“Within the next five years I hope to have completed my degree and be working as part of a landscape architecture or design firm, hopefully with one of the businesses where I completed work experience,” Stephanie explains.

Discussing the preparation for Year 12 and her future career, Stephanie believes organising work experience in your fields of interest is essential, “I highly recommend students take the initiative and organise work experience for themselves. It is experiences like these that can help you stand out from the rest of the applications when applying for university or jobs.”

Stephanie’s passion for landscape design extends into her tremendous ability in the art world. Recently shortlisted in the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authorities (VCAA) Top Arts award, Stephanie’s highly realistic artworks communicate her interest in the natural world and more specifically the beauty of flowers.

Art Teacher, Mrs Vicki Marinelli, praised Stephanie for her outstanding work, “Stephanie’s working methods are reminiscent of the old masters, entailing hours and hours of fine detail which highlight her incredible technical skills. Congratulations Stephanie on having your work receive this recognition.

Broadening her interest in the arts further, Stephanie was able to participate in the St Catherine’s Art Study Tour in 2016 to Italy. Rating this experience as one of her highlights during her time at St Catherine’s, Stephanie says the Tour provided her with so many opportunities.

“Myself and 11 other girls from both my Year level and the Year level below travelled through Italy. Commencing our trip in Venice and finishing in Rome we visited numerous galleries, museums and churches, and took part in a printmaking workshop at Monash University’s Prato campus. This Tour was a major highlight for me.”

Next year Stephanie plans on going to the Dragon School in Oxford to work as an assistant teacher and sports coach. During the holidays she will travel around Europe immersing herself in different styles of design to help inspire her tertiary studies in 2019 and beyond.

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