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Our School assembly program aims to nurture and build a positive, resilient School culture, recognising individual passions, interests and achievements. Throughout the year, we are privileged to welcome keynote speakers who challenge and inspire our students.

Our new Podcast series will capture some of our most memorable Assembly moments.

Monday 2 March 2020 – International Women’s Day

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We welcomed Mrs Susan Coles, Deputy State Director, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Mrs Molina Swarup Asthana, Commissioner for the AFL South East Commission, the AFL Advisory Committee for Multicultural Engagement and Founder of the organisation Multicultural Women in Sport.


Monday 21 October 2019 – Final Year 12 Assembly –  Kavina Kalaichelvam

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“When we run out those gates, we leave just how we started: with an inextinguishable light of belief and love, only this time burning stronger in the presence of 77 others.”

Monday 21 October 2019 – Final Year 12 Assembly –  Georgina Cottrill

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“What people tend to remember is how they felt at different moments in time, and I know we will never forget how we felt during our time here – it is the feeling of home.”

Monday 21 October 2019 – Final Year 12 Assembly –  Mrs Carroll, Principal

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“Even within the confines of our packed curriculum, the true job of the teacher at St Catherine’s is to take girls on a journey to discover their talent and potential.”

Monday 7 October 2019 – Artist in Residence Lisa Roet (’84)

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Lisa has been working as artist in residence during Terms 3 and 4,  sharing her passion for the environment, which informs her art practice as a multi-disciplinary artist.


Friday 6 September 2019 – Striving For Continuous Improvement

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With an aspiration to go to the Olympics, hear Mayuri journey as she continues to strive to balance her training, competition and school work.


Monday 26 August 2019 – 2020 Leadership Speeches

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As Senior School prepare to elect leaders for 2020, hear from our senior students Sophie Boyce, Claire Hayne, Isabella McDonald, Chloe Rodgers, Serena Sitch and Alex Shergold


Monday 26 August 2019 – 2020 Leadership Q&A

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Panel discussion lead by Mr James Brown provides a more spontaneous discussion of key aspects of leadership.


Monday 12 August 2019 – Science Week – Clare Kenyon

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National Science Week, celebrated across Australian, incorporated the theme: ‘Destination Moon: more missions, more science’.

Friday 10 May 2019 – Dr Jane Goodall Assembly

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It was an honour to host Dame Jane Goodall, sharing her remarkable story of research commencing over 60 years ago.



Wednesday  24 April 2019 – ANZAC Day Special Assembly

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Our Senior School commemorated ANZAC Day with a special Assembly led by students who had recently returned from the French-History Study Tour over the Easter vacation.



Friday 22 February 2019 – The Honourable Julie Bishop MP

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During the Senior School Assembly, our senior students enjoyed hearing firsthand Ms Bishop’s encouragement to ‘dream big and aim high’ and to not allow others to define you.





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