The Sport of Athletics has had a long and illustrious tradition at St Catherine’s School. The girls of St Catherine’s, whether it be on the track, in the field, or looping the parks of our local surrounds, thrive on the challenge of working hard to improve their fitness and competitive skills.

St Catherine’s School boasts an experienced group of coaches who strive to provide students with a holistic approach to the coaching of Athletics. We aim to instil confidence in our students, ensuring they enjoy and thrive in sport and, more importantly, have the ability to utilise this confidence in running and fitness for the rest of their lives.

St Catherine’s Athletics caters to all ages and ability levels, integrating itself within the Physical Education curriculum and also providing specialised programs targeting the development of fundamental skills and general athleticism.

Some of our specialised programs include:

  • Junior Joggers and St Catherine’s Run Group – Our Junior and Senior School run groups aim to promote fun and aerobic fitness through running
  • St Catherine’s Athletics – Our Senior School program which develops skill and performances in both Cross Country and Track & Field.
  • Bootcamp – A general Strength and Conditioning program which aims to build foundations of strength, mobility and flexibility for sport.