Get to know our 2021 School Captains, Lucy Campbell and Clementine Newton-Brown.

As School Co-Captains, Lucy Campbell and Clementine (Cece) Newton-Brown commence their leadership roles, they share their thoughts for the coming year as well as reflect on their experiences of 2020.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role as School Captain for 2021?

Lucy: After last year’s disjointed year being online, I hope that I can assist the School in becoming more connected and unified in the new year. I believe this will enhance the St Catherine’s spirit and make us more united.

Cece: I would like to focus on the relationships within Year Levels as well as across the whole School. I hope that activities throughout this year will strengthen each girl’s sense of belonging to St Catherine’s and bring them closer to their classmates.

How did you become interested in a student leadership role?

Lucy: Through admiring the past leaders and School Captains of St Catherine’s, I have always loved how approachable they are to the younger girls. This inspired me to apply as I love meeting so many new girls and getting to know people from across all year levels.

Cece: Seeing the different styles of leadership of the older girls over my time at St Catherine’s interested me – from the intimate and direct approach of the Rowing Captains to the more broadly supportive leadership of the School Captains. I think that viewing leadership as something that is unique to each individual opens up doors for creativity and growth in each person’s style and this perspective has inspired me to navigate my own form of leadership.

What are the key responsibilities of being School Captain?

Lucy: I believe the key responsibilities of a School Captain is to be a mentor for all students and to be encouraging. Both of these attributes assist girls in all year levels to have more confidence and to get involved in a vast range of school activities.

Cece: I believe leading by example, being approachable and friendly, creating a welcoming environment around School and representing the interests of the students are the key responsibilities.

How do you think last year’s Learn@Home experience better supports you in your leadership role, if at all?

Lucy: The Learn@Home experience required everyone to adapt, work independently and display resilience. These skills that I have learnt will ensure that I stay organised and continue to work hard with the workload of Year 12 and School Co-Captain. Additionally, I believe it will help me to encourage others to get involved in activities as we all know how much we have missed participating.

Cece: Last year’s Learn@Home taught me that we, as a School, are flexible and nimble in our interactions which in turn, enables each student to feel supported. This year, I think it is vital to carry this forward and be aware of the girls’ needs, and to be able to pivot when required.

What is one word that best describes the kind of School Captain you would like to be?

Lucy: Approachable

Cece: Responsive

Describe the most enjoyable aspect of being part of St Catherine’s School community?

Lucy: I love the inclusive and supportive environment that St Catherine’s echoes throughout the campus. It is this environment which makes me want to come to school every day and get involved in so many activities. Furthermore, my support network of friends and teachers help me do my best with confidence.

Cece: The things I value the most at St Catherine’s are the friendships we all have and the community spirit that links us now and into the future. This spirit has been nurtured over time so that whether you are a current St Catherine’s girl or an Old Girl, we share the same core values which connect us all.

What is one quality a good leader needs to have?

Lucy: To be inclusive.

Cece: To be a good listener.

What is one thing you would like to take from the experience of being School Captain once you leave the Heyington gates?

Lucy: A sense of accomplishment that I have helped the School become more unified, as well as the friends I have made throughout my journey at St Catherine’s.

Cece: When I walk through the Heyington gates for the last time I want it to be with pride at what we have achieved in our final year. As a cohort we have all been through so much together at St Catherine’s and this final year is about consolidating our school years. We will leave St Catherine’s as one and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to play a small part in building upon the work of previous Captains.